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The Top Beauty Influencers on TikTok in 2023


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…?

That’s what they like to say. 

These days the holders are taking to TikTok to see the latest in beauty trends, routines, and products instead of going to physical stores. 

Beauty influencers are the primary catalyst for this movement, crafting and curating the content that audiences see and pointing them in the direction of specific beauty brands and products. These brands then get to ride the wave of influencers and grow their reputation alongside them. 

Who are these beauty influencers taking over TikTok? 

I thought you might ask, so here are the ones you need to pay attention to. 

What is a beauty influencer exactly? 

Beauty influencers are people who create content about all things beauty and share it on social media platforms. Whether it’s cosmetics, skincare, hair, or nails, beauty influencers are deeply passionate about sharing their personal experiences with beauty ideas, practices, and products in their everyday lives. 

Beauty influencers range in age, demographic, and lifestyle, making it one of the more diverse industries experiencing a wave of popularity on social media. This also invites a large variety of beauty brands to jump in and participate with these creators. 

Here’s what you need to know about beauty influencers, they’re some of the most creative artists on the internet. They’re master painters, designers, beauticians, color coordinators, aesthetic setters, and so much more.

They’ve developed a unique artistic skill set that manifests itself upon the human body, making it all the more specialized and highly attractive. 

Pair that with the ability to document, produce, and share content, now you’ve got yourself an individual primed to take over TikTok and YouTube.

These social media platforms are the perfect fit for makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, skincare hacks, hairstyle techniques, and more because they thrive on short-form content. 

Who are the best beauty influencers on the internet right now?

Valeriya.eros, a TikTok beauty influencer.


Followers: 6.9 Million

Niche: Costume & Color Makeup

Analysis: If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably think Valeriya was a professional movie makeup artist. It turns out, the 21-year-old has only been on TikTok since January 2020 and already earned herself an astonishing 6.9 million followers. 

How? By posting some of the most creative makeup content you can find on TikTok.

Valeriya is known for her incredibly detailed and often terrifying makeup transitions into interpretive movie characters and crazy monsters. Whether it be transforming herself into a Minion or showing off the painstaking process of taking off the layers of caked-on colors, this Nova Beauty ambassador knows how to capture her audience's attention and deliver content that captivates. 


The manicured nails of Michelle Khan, a beauty influencer.


Followers: 1.4 Million

Niche: Nail Art

Analysis: Michelle is a masterclass nail artist. If you’re looking for some #nailinspo next time you need to change it up, Michelle has you covered with one of her hundreds of nail tutorials. And if you’re wondering what new nail products you need to have on hand, chances are she’s used them before and put a review on TikTok.

Do you want to mimic Kylie Jenners iconic chrome nail look? She knows it well. Need some guidance on what polish and other products are budget-friendly? She’ll walk you through her entire nail kit and where you can find her everyday-use products online.


Image of Big Head Justice, a beauty influencer focused on hair.


Followers: 1.7 Million 

Niche: Hair 

Analysis: Justice might just have the best hair on all of TikTok. Ask any of her 1.7 million followers and they would probably agree that her afro would make Bob Ross jealous.

Her luscious locks are the center of attention in her videos. One minute she’s teaching you how to create the perfect afro puff, the next she’s showing off her weekly routine to keep those curls perfectly round. All while this is happening, she’s also giving away the secrets to her pristine hairdo by sharing the products that she uses in everyday life.

As a beauty influencer, she’s found a way to stand out amongst the crowd of traditional hair content and draw in a diverse audience dedicated to seeing her afro grow. 


Dr. Azi, a beauty influencer on TikTok posing in her lab coat.


Followers: 1.9 million

Niche: Dermatology

Analysis: Everyone would probably enjoy having an on-hand dermatologist, but the wallet wouldn't. That’s where Dr. Azi comes into play. She’s a dermatologist and self-proclaimed CEO of lasers. She’s a beauty creator who took a more traditional career path and has found substantial success in the wake of TikTok and its growth.

As a dermatologist, Dr. Azi knows all the things people do to manage their hair and skin and helps her audience of 1.9 million people sift through the promotional garbage and get down to the good stuff. She’s got a special series called, “Slay or Nay” where she recommends different types of skin or hair products to those experiencing specific conditions and axes the ones that don’t work.

Let’s not forget she has quite the knack for reaction videos where she responds to other TikTok users trying trendy home remedies and skincare rumors.


Mattloveshair, a beauty influencer on TikTok, standing in front of a pile of rubble and wearing leopard pants.


Followers: 1.5 Million

Niche: Hair 

Analysis: When Matt says he loves hair, he LOVES hair. And you can see why with the beautiful, brown waterfall of hair he flaunts on his TikTok. This beauty influencer is all about helping people achieve healthy, luscious hair, with simple hacks and ideas that anyone can do at home.

He’s also an avid skincare routine sharer, posting videos of his daily practices as well as skincare tools and products that make his skin glow. This includes brand promotions and product reviews highlighting what’s hot and what’s not in the hair and skincare industry.

It doesn’t matter what kind of hairstyle you have or the skincare routine you follow, Matt’s got something for everyone on his TikTok feed which would explain the 1.5 million followers that flock to his videos and the steady stream of collaborations he does with brands in the beauty space. 


Alissa, a professional esthetician, showing makeup on TikTok.


Followers: 455k 

Niche: Skincare 

Analysis: Allissa is a professional esthetician who’s sharing all the secrets to better skin on her TikTok. She’s dedicated to helping all her followers improve their skincare and enhance their routines with products that are both affordable and effective.

That’s where Allissa stands out with her “$30/$20 or under” series. She’ll go to the big brand beauty stores like Ulta and show you exactly what to get, esthetician approved. One could consider her the ultimate skincare product tester, as she’s constantly uploading new videos of her reviewing recently released products or trendy TikTok items that her audience mentions in the comments. 


Justine Marjan, a beauty influencer on TikTok, fixing hair.


Followers: 132k 

Niche: Celebrity Hairstylist

Analysis: There are tons of hairstylists on TikTok, but there aren’t too many who can say they work with celebrities. Justine Marjan has been doing it for over 15 years. From runway fashion models to movie stars and musicians, she’s worked with the best in show business making sure they look and feel beautiful.

As a celebrity stylist, Justine is in tune with the latest trends, hairstyle hacks, and evolving techniques, which she posts on TikTok. It’s a perfect feed for folks looking to mimic the hairstyles you see on Instagram and Pinterest, without having to spend all that time in a salon.  


12pell, a barber on TikTok, preparing to cut a client's hair.


Followers: 1.7 Million

Niche: Barbershop

Analysis: Barbers have seen insane growth thanks to TikTok, and 12Pell is at the helm of that charge. The NYC-based barbershop has been serving up the cleanest haircuts in the Big Apple, and now they’re taking over TikTok one trim at a time.

12Pell gives their audience a view into the everyday activities of a barbershop and highlights the haircuts that happen at the hands of their talented barbers. Over 1.7 million people check in regularly to see clients transform from scraggly-haired to clean-cut perfection.

They also like to educate their audience on techniques that work with different hair textures, face shapes, and growth patterns, making them a go-to resource for anyone who’s going to the barbershop for the first time and not sure what to do. If you’re looking to change it up on top, you’re going to want to peep 12pells TikTok. 


Maddie Evans, a beauty influencer on TikTok ranting about Sephora.


Followers: 53k 

Niche: Beauty Product Reviews

Analysis: Maddie Evans has a lot of beauty hot takes—I mean, a lot! Since the launch of her TikTok in June 2020, she’s been sharing all of her takes on TikTok. These hot takes come from every direction and cover every type of beauty product, making her content comically controversial and wildly entertaining.

She does it in short TikTok episodes like “7 discontinued beauty products we want back”, “rating celebrity makeup collaborations” and “popular perfumes that nobody uses anymore”.

In these videos, she talks about all kinds of products and doesn’t hold back. That’s what makes her content so compelling—she’s going to give it to you straight and she’s going to make you laugh while doing it. 


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How does one become a beauty influencer?

The truth is that there is no set path to becoming a beauty influencer or any kind of influencer for that matter. It doesn’t matter the niche or industry, it’s all about passion. 

These are the people who have spent hours honing their beauty skills and years developing their creative perspective. As a result of this mastery, they’ve earned an audience’s respect and created a following that reflects such. 

For beauty brands, influencers are the ideal candidates to showcase their products to a larger audience that has already established rapport and trust with the creator. Often these brands will partner with a handful of beauty influencers that vary in size and niche so they cover a wide range of audiences all interested in their beauty products. 

That’s when a beauty creator becomes a beauty influencer. When they create content that promotes a specific brand, while receiving product and or payment, in return. 

Simple enough, right? 

When you really think about it that way, anyone with a TikTok or Instagram has the potential to become a beauty influencer. 

Why does the beauty content work so well on TikTok?

Bite-Sized Beauty Content 

Watching 35-minute YouTube tutorials can get daunting day after day, especially if all you’re trying to do is test out a new eyeshadow. TikTok eliminated these grueling screen sessions and simplified them into bite-sized pieces of beauty content that can be digested in a matter of seconds.

In one hashtag alone, you’ll find hundreds of different beauty tutorials, none longer than 2 minutes. It’s the never-ending well of inspiring beauty content that gets refilled every single day. 

Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Standing out on YouTube and Instagram is tough due to the foreboding algorithm. TikTok does it differently, serving up content that is based on user interests alone. This propels a wide variety of beauty content coming from all kinds of creators, not just mega-influencers.

As a result, users are exposed to incredibly niche beauty influencers that have faithful audiences they may have never seen before. They discover new makeup practices, products, and people that grow their connection to the beauty industry that were made only available through TikTok. 

Trend Setting 

Speaking of standing out on the feed, TikTok is no stranger to setting the tone for industries on social media. Since its rise to fame, it’s become the most highly engaged social media platform per post, making it a goldmine for any brand that wants to win the hearts of many.

In the beauty space, this has manifested in ways like the growth of influencer-founded makeup brands, cross-industry collaboration, and even the development of entirely new beauty products.  

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