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TikTok Money Calculator

We created this tool as a guide for TikTok influencers who are entering collaborative relationships with brands and businesses. We want to help influencers understand their earning potential and empower them to price their work.

Brands and creators will negotiate their terms—this is just a tool to help guide that conversation.

Note: This tool is not in any way associated with or sponsored by TikTok.

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Damon Joe
Per post
$314 -$524
Avg likes per video
Engagement rate

How To Grow Your TikTok Account

Growing your TikTok account doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from producing creative and compelling content on a consistent basis. While we’ve seen our fair share of influencers rise and fall, these are some of the proven ways to grow your TikTok account.

Know Your Audience & Engage With Them
  • Who are those people in your audience that engage with your content every time you post? Those are the true fans amongst followers! Growing your TikTok account comes when you truly know your audience and serve up content that they really love.

  • Ask yourself, what performs the best? Look at your analytics and see where your best posts have come from and what made them so great? From there, consider creating more content similar to that.

  • In the same vein, open your comment section and consider replying to a few messages with a live video. TikTok fans love it when an influencer takes engagement seriously and actually responds to what they say in the comment section!

Personalize Your Profile
  • Start with your username. Make sure it is related to your niche and or relevant to your content if it is not your name. Easy to spell, easy to share. Make sure that it matches with the rest of your social media handles.

  • Find a clear, high-resolution image that shows your personality and make that your profile photo. From there, write a sentence about yourself, your content, or something captivating about your channel.

  • Make sure you use LinkTree to link over to your other relevant social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Know The Best Practices
  • Just like every social media platform on the internet, TikTok has rules and influencers need to follow them.

  • In the same vein, there are some best practices that TikTok influencers should get attuned to if they want to start working with brands on a regular basis.

  • Upload content at 16:9 (1080x1920).

  • Write a clear and compelling caption.

  • Select a captivating thumbnail.

  • Pick the proper categories for your content.

Consistency Is King
  • TikTok rewards creators who are consistent when it comes to content production.

  • Brands are looking for influencers who show up daily for their audience and serve up content that inspires, educates, and entertains.

  • As your consistency grows so will your style and over time you will have developed a channel all your own, leading to better opportunities with brand partners.

Cross-Promote On Your Other Social Media
  • Here’s the beauty of making TikTok content–you can promote it on all your social channels!

  • These days, it’s too complicated making content for each individual social media platform, so instead, consider taking the TikTok you made last week and posting it on your Instagram this week.

  • This acts as a way of doubling, sometimes tripling, the life of your content while also sharing it with new audiences on other social platforms.

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Want To Connect With Brands?

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