Top Fashion Brands on TikTok


TikTok fashion is taking over.

Every time I open my TikTok feed, I see some fashion brand showing off its newest line of clothing. 

Whether it's sneakers, shirts, jewelry, even underwear, I am swarmed by hundreds of posts with the hottest new apparel from established and emerging brands.

TikTok is the new fashion mood board for consumers who want to know more about the next product they buy and Gen Z is using it as the search engine to find the next trendy item that will show off their personal style.

All that said, there are some fashion brands out there who are winning the favor of new customers with the help of TikTok. Some are big brands, some are small, but all of them are doing it in style.

14 Fashion Brands Setting The Style On TikTok


Follower Count: 968k

Niche: Shoes

What They Do Well: Every Millennial remembers Crocs from their childhood, but the slip-in shoe brand has found new footing on TikTok over the last few years. It started with out-of-the-box collaborations with artists like Post Malone, VP of Versace Footwear, Salehe Bembury, and even 7-Eleven. From there, the shoe brand has kicked off a slew of TikTok influencer collaborations highlighting their collections, customizing their kicks, and showing off the Croc lifestyle. Crocs has captured the attention of Gen Z with the help of TikTok influencers who range in size and audience, giving the brand a following of over 968k dedicated fans. 



Follower Count: 2.3 Million 

Niche: Female Fashion

What They Do Well: PrettyLittleThing is a female-forward fashion brand that’s leveraged social media influencers to take over the feed. The brand likes to flaunt its wide variety of TikTok influencers who have helped grow its following to over 2.3 million. How? By sharing lifestyle content that injects its products across all walks of life. From high-end fashion to loungewear, its TikTok feed is filled with female influencers showcasing all the ways PrettyLittleThing products can be worn.



Follower Count: 2 Million 

Niche: SoCal Fashion

What They Do Well: PacSun was all the rage in the mid 2010’s. As other brands like Urban Outfitters started to steal the spotlight in lifestyle clothing, PacSun put its efforts into TikTok influencers and has experienced a massive resurgence in popularity. The Cali-based brand works with a wide variety of creators who put their own unique spin on PacSun clothing creating lifestyle envy and inspiration for its 2 million followers. By doing so, the brand has transitioned from a primarily brick-and-mortar driven business to a strong online presence that brings in new customers through its compelling content.


@pacsun a moment that truly altered our brain chemistry. 😂 #pacsun ♬ Speak Up - Is0kenny


Follower Count: 1.8 Million 

Niche: Online Fashion

What They Do Well: ASOS is an online fashion brand bringing affordable styles to its 1.8 million TikTok followers. The brand is known for its insanely large collection of clothing, that takes high-end innovation and makes it inexpensive for the everyday apparel connoisseur. ASOS does a great job of balancing TikTok content between influencers and organic by giving fashion hot takes, seasonal styles, and even showing off what the ASOS team wears to work, making the brand relatable and inspirational.  


@asos What ASOSers wore to work, episode 1 👩‍💻 #WhatASOSersWoreToWork #ASOSHQ #OOTD #OfficeStyle ♬ original sound - asos


Follower Count: 109k 

Niche: Shoes

What They Do Well: UGG knows a thing or two about keeping your feet comfortable and the brand’s TikTok page is filled with influencer content all pointing back to its fuzzy footwear that people have loved for decades. Whether it's a new product launch like the puffy Scrunchita shoe, or paying homage to the Classic Short Boot, the shoe brand has found a way to connect with their audience that feels less like a traditional advertising and more like a shoe lover’s dream state. In doing so, UGG continues to integrate new products into its feed keeping users engaged in every post. 

@ugg It's TIIIiiiMMMmEEEe. Add the Tasman Regenerate in Sand to your cart now.  🛒 We believe in you, keyboard warriors. In New Arrivals we trust. #UGG #FeelsLikeUGG #NewArrival #Tasman #UGGSlides ♬ long way 2 go remix - oriaology.🖤


Follower Count: 835k

Niche: Shoes

What They Do Well: Vans is a cultural icon when it comes to kickwear. The skate-based brand found its way into the mainstream back in the ‘80s and ‘90s and has continued to set the tone for sneakers over the last 30 years. The brand recently resurfaced on social media feeds via TikTok and Instagram by partnering with influencers of all different disciplines that highlights just how versatile the Vans catalog can be. From skate influencers to style creators, Vans is injecting itself into the cultural subconscious with content that inspires its followers to get out into the world and explore with Vans on their feet. One look at the TikTok feed reinforces this with a variety of influencer posts ranging from skating to high-end fashion. 


@vans Messing around at the local park with @currencaples96. #Vans #Skateboarding ♬ tony hawk pro skater theme - Justin



Follower Count: 224k

Niche: Jewelry

What They Do Well: We couldn’t make this list without including the budding jewelry brand Mejuri. Founded with the premise to bring old-school styles into contemporary pieces, Mejuri has caught the attention of Millennial and Gen Z buyers who use TikTok to find new fashion. The brand does an impeccable job of selecting TikTok influencers with different styles to show all the ways its jewelry can be worn as well as bringing lifestyle to the forefront of every piece of content. When it comes to trendy looks, Mejuri is making it happen for the 224k followers it has on TikTok.



Follower Count: 792k 

Niche: Shoes

What They Do Well: If you’re a sneakerhead, chances are you have a pair of Converse sitting in your closet. The iconic shoe brand has always been at the helm of fashion trends and continues to propel that forward through social media, specifically TikTok. Where Converse stands out is its customization content. As a blank canvas, Converse makes for the perfect template to create your own style of shoe and the brand makes that known through tons of influencer collaborations. If you look at the TikTok feed you’ll see hundreds of different creators crafting their own custom version of the classic silhouette, inspiring the everyday consumer to jump in and do the same. 


@converse 5 ways to style the #Converse Run Star Legacy. Which one is your fave? @Charity Hardaway ♬ original sound - Converse


Follower Count: 1.1 Million 

Niche: Denim

What They Do Well: Levi’s is the 150-year-old denim brand that’s dominated fashion for decades. As such, Levi’s doesn’t just find trends and follow along, but  rather, sets them. On TikTok this comes in the form of influencer partnerships that spotlight all the different styles you can achieve with its products. This paired with organic content that pays tribute to the history of the brand gives its 1.1 million followers a taste of just how versatile and popular the brand is. As the top dog in denim it's no surprise that its TikTok feed is filled with loads of creators who wear Levi’s products every single day.


@levis which combo was your fave? @clairerose👚👖✨ #150YearsOf501 ♬ original sound - Levi’s


Follower Count: 1.1 Million 

Niche: Underwear

What They Do Well: Skims is an underwear brand founded by influencer icon Kim Kardashian. It shouldn’t shock you that the fashion brand has over 1 million followers thanks to the help of its celebrity influence, but the brand has used that influence to drive popularity in ways that few other underwear brands can compete with. The simple silhouettes are beloved by TikTok influencers and shown off through the thousands of pieces of user-generated content that are shared on the feed. This makes for an endless amount of customer testimonials all of which speak highly of the brand’s quality products. 

House Of Sunny

Follower Count: 118k 

Niche: Trendy Fashion

What They Do Well: House Of Sunny is a UK-based fashion brand bringing trendy looks to the TikTok feed. What started in the UK quickly evolved into a global brand with the help of social media, especially TikTok. House Of Sunny works with TikTok influencers of all sizes to inspire people to own their style and bring it to life with the help of its products. These looks are bold and vibrant which catches the attention of users and stimulates them to make purchases so they can join in the fun. 



Follower Count: 50k 

Niche: Edgy Fashion

What They Do Well: ForThoseWhoSin is a boutique fashion brand focused on bringing out everyone's edgy side. The Cali-based company puts a heavy emphasis on clothing that will outlast the wearer and you can see that in the high-quality, cut and sew products that usually sell out on every drop. A look at FTWS’s TikTok feed reinforces this edgy lifestyle with both influencer-created and organic content that draws inspiration from tattoo and biker culture. Not to mention the brand is flaunted by celebrities like punk prince, Machine Gun Kelly and JXDN.



Follower Count: 112k 

Niche: Luxury Fashion

What They Do Well: Coined the “everyday luxury” fashion brand, Aritzia is a female-focused company dedicated to bringing luxury to the everyday wearer. Whether it's a formal occasion or a regular day, Aritzia arms customers with clothing that looks and feels elegant. On TikTok, the brand works with influencers to deliver content that energizes viewers and keeps them engaged with the brand all the way through purchase. Mix in the occasional piece of comedy content and it's clear that Aritzia’s 112k followers truly love the brand.


Princess Polly

Follower Count: 707k 

Niche: Trendy Fashion

What They Do Well: Princess Polly is an online fashion boutique that’s primarily built its customer base through social media. Looking at its TikTok feed everything you see is influencer content. From funny fashion videos to style suggestions, the brand knows how to capture an audience and hold their attention. When it comes to developing this content the brand encourages fans to send in videos of them wearing product, making it all the better for potential customers who want to see real people’s takes on the styles that Princess Polly delivers.  

@princesspolly You heard it here first. Sept 8th. Princess Polly IRL. Westfield Century City 🛍 #PrincessPollyIRL #PrincessPollyStore #westfieldcenturycity ♬ original sound - Princess Polly

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