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The 12 Most-Stylish Fashion Influencers On TikTok


Who’s your favorite fashion influencer?

If you’re reading this, chances are you like to spend some time scrolling through fashion pages on TikTok and most likely have a few fashion influencers that frequent your feed.

For those craving some clothing inspiration, TikTok is quickly becoming the go-to resource for all things fashion. From trendy fits to minimalist looks, upcycling hacks to vintage finds, there are thousands of TikTok influencers sharing their takes on all things fashion.

Before you go click purchase on your next fashion buy, do yourself a favor and check out these 12 fashion influencers taking over the TikTok feed. 

12 TikTok Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

TikTok fashion influencer @saracamps displaying a colorful outfit


Follower Count: 1.2 million

Niche: Maximalist Fashion

What They Do Well: Sara Camposarcone calls herself a fashion maximalist. In layman's terms that means she’s taking fashion all the way to extreme flaunting neon colors, courageous composition, and complimenting it all with a ferocious fashion attitude. If you’re a fan of the bold and audacious Sara’s style is just that. She’s known for her Get Ready With Me videos that feature a wide variety of clothing from vintage finds to high-end looks, all of which are tied together with her unique style. Not to mention she’s partnered with a collection of fashion and lifestyle brands that align with the maximalist approach. Sara is the example of expression and encourages her 1.2 million followers to express themselves in every form of fashion from top to bottom with creative colors that stand out amongst the rest.



Follower Count: 2.2 million

Niche: Fashion Reviews

What They Do Well: Remi Bader is a fashion influencer who’s giving her hot takes on all things clothing. Whether it’s a new bikini for the summer or a five-star dinner date, she’s bringing her own style to the fashion feed on TikTok. Remi is a curvy model who takes to TikTok to share her experiences trying a slew of fashion brands and giving honest reviews about how products fit the curvy lifestyle. From JC Penny to Fashion Nova, she’s arming her followers with everything they need to know about fit and feel. In an industry that’s taken some heat for body image, Remi embraces hers and encourages others to find fashion brands that flaunt what you got and make you feel beautiful in every piece of clothing. 


TikTok fashion influencer @charlesgross displaying a watch and bracelet


Follower Count: 1.3 million

Niche: Fashion Hot Takes

What They Do Well: Charles Gross is a NYC-based fashion influencer sharing stories about all the high-end fashion trends you see on TikTok and in publications. As one who’s tapped into what’s popular on the NYC streets, Charles breaks the myths about expensive clothing and accessories, giving over 1.3 million followers the scoop on what’s overrated and what’s trending. From Birkin bags to $13k bracelets, it’s all about helping followers find the brands that fit their style and budget while keeping them informed on the newest fashion movements happening in the Big Apple. 


@charlesgross Designer jewelry is a polarizing subject. But @cartier ♬ original sound - Charles Gross
TikTok fashion influencer @blazedandglazed showing a clothing haul standing in a closet.


Follower Count: 485k

Niche: Thrift Fashion

What They Do Well: Maci Eleni, known as @blazedandglazed on TikTok, is self-proclaimed thrifting queen. The fashion influencer is known for her thrift finds that range from vintage hauls to designer drops, all of which she shares on her TikTok page. She loves to stir up some casual controversy with her thrifted fits inspiring her followers to comment on the next haul they want to see on her and keeping them entertained with tons of creative content that’s dedicated to the cheap finds at secondhand stores, estate sales, and designer sample sales. 


@blazedandglazed @pigmami thank you for making me dive into my closet, this was way too hard and i cannot believe i left out sunglasses… #closettour #closetessentials #wardrobeessentials #closetrefresh ♬ original sound - BlazedAndGlazed
TikTok fashion influencer @juulian.c


Follower Count: 330k

Niche: Thrifting & DIY

What They Do Well: Julian Carter is a master thrifter and DIY’er. The fashion influencer is best known for his outfit themed videos where he picks a topic and matches a fit to the concept. Whether it's Mad-Max inspired or “Business Core” the creator has found a niche in fashion that brings together thrift and DIY in a way few others have been able to accomplish. On the DIY side, Julian is recognized for his patch pants that he hand stitches himself, breathing new life into what most would see as a basic pair of bottoms. His content is beloved by his 330k followers who flock to his feed to see brand partnerships with companies like Footlocker, Wrangler, and Vans. 


@juulian.c Replying to @_sweatypeaches mini inline skating history. I missed a lot but this the gist of it #styleinspo #inlineskating #rollerblades #sport ♬ Tokyo Phonk Drift - Yan 394
TikTok fashion influencer @ethantglenn displaying the day's outfit


Follower Count: 403k

Niche: Fashion Stylish & Brand Owner

What They Do Well: Ethan Glenn is an LA-based fashion influencer and the founder of clothing brand Every Other Thursday. Ethan loves to show off his daily fits as well as his love for film photography which go hand in hand with his own clothing brand. His style is simple and straightforward opting for minimalist looks combined with athleisure that can be flexed in any setting. This approach bleeds into his brand where he sells crewneck sweatshirts, cotton-knit sweaters, and garment bags all of which make the minimal look formal and fashionable. 


TikTok fashion influencer @marcusmilione on the streets of NYC


Follower Count: 356k 

Niche: Fashion Entrepreneur

What They Do Well: Marcus Milione first blew up on TikTok when he started sharing his running sessions through the New York City streets. As the fashion influencer has continued to grow his tribal following, he’s launched two separate brands: MintedNewYork—a startup fashion brand focused on creating high-quality threads for the busy New Yorker, and MintedHealth—a health and wellness supplement brand. Marcus is all about quality and you can see it in his products that he talks about on TikTok. Whether it's test-wearing a new garment on his double-digit-mile runs or showing the process of building a fashion brand in the most trendy city in the world, he’s doing it all on TikTok for his 356k faithful followers.


TikTok fashion influencer @oneofonearchive in the workshop


Follower Count: 110k

Niche: Upcycle Fashion

What They Do Well: Noah Johnson, better known as @oneofonearchive on TikTok, is an upcycle specialist. For those of you who don’t know what upcycling is, it’s the act of taking discarded or used materials and turning them into a look that brings new value to the original pieces. Noah does this with virtually everything he owns. From pants to jackets, hoodies to vests, he takes pride in making every piece of product a one-of-one, hence the name of his page. This new trend of upcycling has become insanely popular on TikTok and Noah’s approach to making something new out of the old is capturing the attention of thousands of followers, all of which eagerly await his next product drop.


TikTok fashion influencer @pinuppixie wearing a corset


Follower Count: 11 million

Niche: Retro Fashion

What They Do Well: Bianca Blakney is a fashion influencer bringing the retro pinup looks from the 1940’s and 1950’s into 2023. With over 11 million followers, she takes over the TikTok feed with fashion you would find on Hollywood movie stars from back in the day. Her creative content combines classic looks mixed with contemporary style to bring out the best in formal fashion that says, “I’m bringing sexy back to the ‘40s”. She’s tapped into vintage culture that crosses over the generational boundary encouraging her millions of followers to seek out clothing and accessories that scream retro is cool again.


TikTok fashion influencer @cvazzana in a stylish outfit


Follower Count: 566k

Niche: Fashion Stylist & Editor

What They Do Well: Carolina Vazzana is a fashion stylist and editor sharing her personal style to over 500k TikTok followers. The fashionista has worked for Marie Claire and TeenVogue and currently hosts her own fashion podcast called Making It In Manhattan, which has over 24k Instagram followers. Caroline talks about everything from Met Gala to contemporary street style, and has her hands deep into the fashion trends of New York City. Her TikTok feed is filled with tons of Get Ready With Me Content that shows off her eccentric style as well as OOTD and fashion hot takes that keep her followers engaged and entertained in every video. 


TikTok influencer @nolandanielwhite talking about watches


Follower Count: 230k

Niche: Fashion Stylist and Archivist

What They Do Well: Nolan White loves stuff. When I say stuff, I’m talking about everything from vintage watches to ‘70s dishware sets, unique fiber patterns to top-notch tote bags, he covers a serious range of fashion topics on his TikTok page. Nolan is an archivist who seeks out the old school and brings it to a current audience who deeply appreciates his love for quality goods whether it’s clothing, accessories, or even fragrances. His aesthetic is infectious, giving off a blend between second-hand savant and minimalism that plays well on TikTok and serves up educational content that inspires his followers. His most recent series, “Watch Brands As Car Brands” has exploded on the feed, showing off his ability to combine two of his favorite loves—cars and watches—and how the two can live in fashion harmony. 


TikTok fashion influencer @blackqueen_509


Follower Count: 405k

Niche: Fashion Hacker

What They Do Well: Blackqueen_509 is a fashion hacker who’s helping women on TikTok take their wardrobes to the next level with helpful hacks. Whether it’s a simple scarf hack or a full outfit idea, she’s giving her 400k followers new ways to style the clothing they already have. She loves to share her Amazon finds and reviews them on her page giving honest opinions and feedback on the products she finds compelling. If you’re looking for candid takes on Amazon fashion, she’s the fashion influencer you need to follow on TikTok today. 


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