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At Ubiquitous, we do exactly as our name implies. We make it so that your business is everywhere.

Between a massive ecosystem of 4,000+ influencers with a combined 4 billion followers, original methodologies in achieving social virality, and a real knack for getting you the most bang for your buck in both ad spend and partnerships… with Ubiquitous, you can be everywhere.

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Here’s how we make your business ubiquitous.

Ubiquitous, by definition, means to be everywhere or to be found in many places simultaneously. Here’s how we do just that for your business…

You tell us what you want (what you really really want).

Tell us who your target audience is. Then, we’ll handle the rest. Got big ideas of your own? That’s fine, too. Want an influencer scaling a mountain in Chile, attop an Alpaca, whilst repping your brand across their chest? We’ll make it happen.

Tell us to jump. We’ll ask, “How high?”.

There are hundreds of hours that go into running the influencer side of your marketing… until now. From partnering with influencers to creating organic content to deploying ad spend, Ubiquitous is your in-house solution for all things Influencer Marketing.

TikTok is great (but it’s not the only place we operate).

YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter… while we’re fond of TikTok because of the unprecedented ROAS, we certainly aren’t glued to any one platform. We go where your audience is. Period.

We save you a small fortune (in time and money).

Sure. You could manage your influencer marketing yourself. But, is that the best use of your time? Emailing back and forth with hundreds of influencers, negotiating contracts, etc? We take a flat fee of just 10% off ad spend, saving you both time and money (nearly 25% actually).

No smoke. No mirrors. No bullsh*t.

You’ll see where every dollar is going along with the return on each dollar in your very own dashboard that allows you to track performance in real-time. It’s essentially your very own Influencer Marketing Mothership as we take on this exciting new frontier.

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