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Get on TikTok, they said. You’ll get rich, they said.

They were wrong. Until now. TikTok is great at helping you grow your audience. Less so at getting you paid. This is where Ubiquitous can help.

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In walks Ubiquitous

We put you in front of brands (from startups to Fortune 100 companies) in hopes to create magical opportunities for collaboration. Here’s how Ubiquitous works for you:

We find you the perfect pairing.

Size doesn’t matter. Engagement does. As long as you have an audience that gives a shit about what you have to say, give us enough time and we can find a brand with cash in hand, ready to strike up a deal with you.

Swipe right or left.

Say the word and our team of marketers, hustlers, wheelers and dealers will filter through our massive network of brands until we find you the perfect match. Then, the magic happens.

We get you paid. Quick and easy.

Once you’ve posted your approved content, we deposit money into your account that you can have access to immediately. We make it fast and simple to get paid for your influencer marketing campaigns.

You’re not a side-hustler. You’re an entrepreneur.

We’re currently in the process of rolling out our app, which will allow you to review brand deals all from your phone, access tax support and even enroll in health insurance. You’re not a side-hustler. You’re an entrepreneur. You should be treated as such.

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If you're intrigued, but you're not quite ready to join our creator community, head over to our Creator FAQ page where we answer every question you could think to ask (and even a few you wouldn’t have thought of).

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