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Hi. We’re Ubiquitous. We are influencer marketing.

Ubiquitous has been in the influencer marketing game since 2021, but our team of social media professionals, marketing executives, developers, designers, and influencers have a collective multiple decades of experience.

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Ubiquitous is an Accredited Agency on DesignRush

This is the new frontier of marketing.

On platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, a new generation of creators are enhancing brand awareness, perception, and adoption of products and services.

For brands, the cost of entry is getting lower. Influencer marketing is now just as accessible to startups and small businesses as it is to Fortune 1000s.

We believe that the best influencer marketing strategies are mutually beneficial for brands and creators, helping brands accomplish their goals while providing a valuable income stream for hard-working creators everywhere.

Here at Ubiquitous, our goal is to be the long-term partner for both brands and creators, working hand-in-hand with both sides of the market to make magic happen each time we ink a new partnership or launch a campaign.

Our mission is to change the world of influencer marketing for the better, one campaign at a time.

We are Ubiquitous.

Don’t take it from us, take it from them.

“Putting money into TikTok is complex, time-consuming, and requires countless hours of coordination and effort, but the Ubiquitous team simplifies the process and executes with excellence.”

- Aly Treuhaft,  Triller

Here's how we got here.

It’s 2020.

Jess Flack is leading the performance marketing team at a rapidly-growing startup called Bellhop that’s changing the way folks move from one home to another.

Her job is simple… in theory.

She’s tasked with making Bellhop as much dough as possible while spending as little dough as possible.

Exploring opportunities to do just this, she hears of a new social media platform that’s expected to be…

“The next Vine…”

She’s skeptical, at first, and so rather than allocating Bellhop’s budget and valuable resources testing the channel, she sets about doing her own reconnaissance off-the-clock.

It takes Jess nearly 100 hours and a whole lot of late nights to find, chat with and negotiate rates with something like 200 influencers.

Then, she waits…

Fortunately, Jess doesn’t have to wait long.

The data is staggering: CPM’s are 75% cheaper than Instagram and 85% cheaper than YouTube.

Jess immediately looks for ways she can leverage this exercise for Bellhop in a scalable way.

She knocks on the doors of several self-proclaimed Influencer Marketing Agencies, only to find that… well… they all suck.

Knock. Knock.

Jess decides to take her TikTok influencer marketing efforts in-house, teaching her team to do what she has done.

And, it works. It works so well, in fact, that she quits her job and starts her own agency called Ubiquitous; the very agency whose site you’re thumbing through now.

In the past year alone, Jess and her team have on-boarded over 300 businesses and have partnered with more than 4,000 influencers all while managing tens of millions of dollars in ad spend.

The result? Magic ✨ Which, speaking of…

Let’s make some magic together

We’ve worked wonders for more brands than you can shake a wand at.

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Our Core Values

Some brands call it a manifesto. Others, a mission statement. For us, this is what we care about and seek to embody as we navigate this world as entrepreneurs, creatives and marketers.

Diversity isn’t stumbled upon.

We believe in the power of diversity. It fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and enriches our brand. We embrace unique perspectives and backgrounds.

Curiosity keeps companies out of trouble.

Companies should follow their curiosities. We encourage our people to question everything until they get to the heart of why they are doing what they’re doing.

Not customer-focused, customer-obsessed.

We’re not just focused on our customers. We’re obsessed with them. We want to understand their problems deeply, so we can provide them with solutions that can solve those problems for a lifetime.

We don’t employ vampires.

We don’t hire blood-thirsty, energy-sucking vampires. Every teammate at Ubiquitous is expected to be a fountain not a drain; to bring more energy than they take.

Let’s get to the finish line.

Sure, we focus on the present but we go about this focus with the future in mind. In other words, we’re goal-oriented. We create meaningful, achievable milestones to accelerate ourselves towards our grand vision.

Who’s in charge around here?

Jess Flack, CEO & Cofounder

Cinephile. Fell in love with marketing. Watched less movies. Made brands money. Killed the game at several ad agencies. Left for Bellhop to own their performance marketing division where she 5x'd paid channel revenue quicker than you can say "CAC." Now she’s running Ubiquitous and finding it’s more thrilling than any movie she’s ever watched.

Jesse Gambucci, EVP of Sales & Strategy

Cool last name. Spent over 15 years at Verizon in Sales & Sales Leadership, managing over $100 million book of business then 3 years at Oracle as an account executive overseeing one of their largest accounts. He loves to golf, travel, infiltrate Speak Easies, collect sneakers, be a dad and rewatch movies like Goodfellas and Gladiator.

Mark Slay, Director of Finance

From public accounting with PwC to corporate finance in tech, Mark has seen first hand how a world class finance team can help define and empower strategic growth. When he isn't diving into business metrics, he tries to spend as much time hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing as possible. More recently he's enjoying trying to figure out how to do it all with a new baby in tow.

Candice Cleveland, VP of Human Resources

Contrary to common belief, she doesn’t hail from Ohio but Hawaii; and she applies her love of all things travel and culture to Human Resources, creating an open and fluid environment where talented folks can do their best work. She’s currently working on her first book.

Anna Siler, VP of Operations

After working in a director role at a marketing agency for four years, Anna decided to try her hand in the world of startups. She was the first hire at UBQ. She loves books, cats, books about cats and could eat Tostito’s Hint of Lime chips paired with Mateo’s Medium Salsa 24/7.

We’re the one-stop shop for all things influencer marketing.

Sifting through thousands of influencers to find the ones you’re willing to bet your brand on? We handle that.

Juggling a hundred different email threads selling skeptical influencers? We handle that.

Bartering and haggling and negotiating a deal everyone is happy with? We handle that.

Brainstorming creative campaigns and ideas that standout and stop thumbs? We handle that.

Ensuring influencers are getting paid and on-time and without all the hassle? We handle that.

In other words, Influencer Marketing…

We handle that.

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