TikTok Trends: The Top 23 in 2023


What Would TikTok Be Without Its Viral Trends?

Instagram is known for its glossy aesthetic. Snapchat is iconic due to its ephemeral “snaps.” Twitter is the place for its real-time news snippets and musings.

But what makes TikTok, Tiktok, are its trends

The social media platform is a creativity powerhouse, and new trends emerge every few days. They’re the shooting stars of the internet — they captivate hundreds of millions of people with their impactful (yet brief) life spans. 💫

From lip-syncing to sped-up dancing, trends are an essential tool for social media marketers to grasp if they want to master TikTok. 

Sure, it can seem bizarre to incorporate trends like “It’s corn!” into your marketing strategy. But participating in TikTok trends is a great way to engage with your audience through native advertising that’s fun, relatable, and authentic. 

In this article, we’ll cover the top 25 trends we saw in 2022. This will give you an in-depth understanding of internet culture and give you creative ideas to help you ace your next campaign. 

Let’s dive in.

The Biggest TikTok Trends in 2022 & 2023

Agitating, Grating Voice

It’s the perfect day. The sun is shining and you’re minding your business, but then…that annoying thing happens and ruins your flow. 

This trend is all about the moment when a pet peeve messes up your otherwise great day. In one TikTok (which has over ten million views), the creator shows her neat and beautiful bedroom before heading to her boyfriend’s place. In this case, the “agitating, grating voice” is the boyfriend’s room — which is messy and littered with empty liquor bottles (college students can relate). 

Example of the "agitating, grating voice" trend

Bo Burnam’s “You Say The Ocean’s Rising Like I Give a Shit”

In Bo Burnam’s song “All Eyes on Me” he sings, “You say the ocean’s rising like I give a shit.” The terse yet honest phrase resonated with TikTok’s Gen-Z audience, who are burdened by the anxiety of climate change

Creators are using the sound to showcase their art, create fan-fiction POVs, or sing along to the tune, such as this video which hit over three million views. 

B.O.T.A. (The Baddest of Them All) 

B.O.T.A. (The Baddest of Them All) is a song by English DJs Interplanetary Criminal and Eliza Rose that was released in June 2022. The catchy beat soon became TikTok’s unofficial summer anthem, where creators danced, vlogged, or lip-sycned to the now iconic tune. 

Bones or No Bones Day

TikTok trends can be inspired by almost anything, including our fellow pets. 🐶

Noodle, an elderly pug, was one of those inspirations. In 2021, his owner Jonathan Graziano started posting video series where he’d prop up Noodle from his dog bed. If Noodle slumped back into his bed, it was a “no bones day” — a sign to take it easy. But if Noodle stayed up, Graziano announced it as a “bones day” and was seen as a good omen

On TikTok, Noodle was a harbinger of things to come. The common trend was to create videos on “the bones forecast” or create songs about the pug. One brand even used Noodle’s prediction to make their TikTok channel more relatable and fun. 

Although Noodle has unfortunately passed away, he’s made an unforgettable mark. 🙏

TikTok screenshot of an example of the bones or no bones day trend.

Corn Kid 🌽

Ah, corn kid. Even if you’re not on TikTok, we’re sure you were unable to escape the global phenomenon of this trend. 7-year-old Tariq went viral for his adorable love of corn — a food he described that “has the juice,” and he “can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.” 

TikTok user schmoyoho remixed Tariq’s original video on YouTube, which spawned a new TikTok phenomenon. Soon, people began using the sound when creating videos to showcase things, places, or people they loved

With millions of videos using schomoyoho’s sound, this is one of TikTok’s more wholesome trends. 

Example of the Corn Kid TikTok trend.

I Could’ve Said That, But I Didn’t 

Imagine the last time you were in a conversation where you held your tongue. You could’ve said what you wanted, but you didn’t. That’s what this sound is all about. 

This trend originated from an interview with Ariana Grande, who was chatting about how she could’ve written a line for a song that was way harsher than it actually was. 

In one video, a TikToker using the sound jokingly wrote that they could’ve said their partner snored and had bad breath. But instead, they said to come closer so they could snuggle. 

I Did it Myself

One of the better things 2022 brought to us was Julia Fox. She’s since become an icon and has rapidly gained popularity, with over 1.5 million subscribers on TikTok. 

She sparked a massive trend back in March, while she was being interviewed at the Oscars. A reporter asked Fox about her signature black eyeliner and whether she does it herself or has a glam squad. Fox replied, “Yeah, I actually did it myself…” and the trend was born. 

On TikTok, this sound is often used when you’ve found yourself in a sticky or compromising situation — and have no one to blame but yourself. Other videos have also used the sound to depict a time they were proud of something they’ve done. So note this trend can go both ways! 

Example of the TikTok trend "I did it myself" - girl scratching er tattoo TikTok screenshot.

Okay I Like it, Picasso

For creator @itsreefa, it was a day like any other. 

He was going on a stroll when he noticed a car wrapped up in tape. Standing next to the vehicle was a person wearing a cylinder purple dress and a comically large orange wig. “What’s this?” he asked. “It’s an art project,” the person replied. “Okay, I like it, Picasso,” he replied enthusiastically. 

His earnest reply has now been featured in over 200,000 TikTok videos. Many creators use the sound for funny skits or when they see something eccentric (such as when this fisherman pulled a bright blue fish out of the sea). 

I Understood the Assignment

According to Urban Dictionary, to “understand the assignment” means that someone is “giving it their 110%, whether it’s what they’re doing, wearing, or is really on top of their shit.” This phrase came from Tay Money’s song, ‘The Assignment’ which now has millions of listens, with one TikTok using the sound racking up 35 million views

On TikTok, this trend is all about showing a moment where you’ve aced something. It could be becoming a news anchor even though they have Tourette’s, or converting a player into relationship material. The opposite is also true — some videos show moments where someone “didn’t get the assignment” and failed, such as Kylie Jenner’s expensive but poor quality swimsuit brand. 

TikTok screenshot of an example of the "I understood the assignment"

Is It Me? Am I The Drama?

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is known for its hilarious and outrageous sound-bites, so it’s not surprising one clip from the show became a massive TikTok trend. 

In Season 11, drag queen Scarlet uttered the now-viral phrase, “Is it me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama…Maybe I am! Am I the villain? I don’t think I’m the villain!” 

People loved Scarlet’s attitude, and creators from around the world are using the sound to depict those ironic moments when they realize that they might be the root of their own problems after all. 😅

TikTok screenshot of an example of the "Is it me? Am I the drama?" trend.

 It Would Be So Awesome

Imagine getting that raise, getting that person to say “yes” to going on a date with you, or getting a six-pack without ever having to step into a gym. 

Wouldn’t that be so awesome? 

Wouldn’t that be so cool? 

This trend is all about a scenario where it would be awesome for things to go your way for once. It could be something as small as your dog hoping to get scraps from the dinner table, or as impossible as wanting to be a monkey in your next life (yes, someone actually made a video on this).  

TikTok screenshot of an example of the "It would be so awesome" trend - a dog under a table waiting for someone to drop food.

It’s About Damn Time

In April 2022, American singer and rapper Lizzo released “About Damn Time.” The upbeat tune inspired TikToker Jaeden Gomez to create his own choreography for the song and it wasn’t long before the dance dominated the internet. 

While many creators are busting moves, there’s good news for those of us who can’t dance to save our lives. Many creators also use the track to show off an outfit, demonstrate life hacks, or even as a background song for their “day in the life” videos. 

TikTok screenshot of an example of a video using the "It's about damn time" trend - a girl and guy dancing.

Kim Kardashian’s “Guilty”

Kim Kardashian was on Saturday Night Live one October night cosplaying as a judge when she said, “Ew, that is so cringe. Guilty.” In a playful twist, TikTokers are using the soundbite when depicting scenarios where they embrace their inner cringe. 

There are nearly 250K TikToks featuring the sound. One creator used it to describe the fact that she posts videos any time she’s feeling cute, and another one used it to admit that they start to cry the moment they get frustrated. 

Kourtney Kardashian’s “No, Thanks”

Another day, another trend sparked by the Kardashians. In this trend, Kourtney Kardashian is asked by another woman if “She can give her a big hug.” Kourtney looks away, uncomfortable, before tersely replying, “No, thanks.” 

The awkward interaction proved perfect to ignite a new TikTok trend. This one is all about when somebody offers you something and you have zero interest in whatever it might be

TikTok screenshot of an example of the "No, Thanks" trend. Women holding a purse in front of curtains.

Moments That Altered My Brain Chemistry

With over 53.7M views and counting, the #alteredmybrainchemistry hashtag is one of TikToks biggest trends. On TikTok, saying that something “altered your brain chemistry” is to say that it was such a powerful moment or memory that it changed you as a person

Of course, being TikTok, it’s not as serious as it might sound. Many TikToks that use this sound are meant purely for laughs, such as this TikToker who showed  some of her favorite moments of her cats. 

TikTok screenshot of two cats looking at each other. Example of the "altered my brain chemistry" trend.

Negroni Sbagliato With Prosecco In It

Most people had never heard of this cocktail (ourselves included) until this trend exploded last October. 

In an interview clip, House of Dragon co-stars Olivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy are exchanging pleasantries when Olivia asks Emma what’s their drink of choice. “A Negroni. Sbagliato. With Prosecco in it,” D’Arcy replies in their silky voice. 

The exchange quickly went viral, with the original video now sitting at almost 22 million views. On TikTok, the trend is to create your own versions of your “favorite” thing, whether that’s apartment decor, outfit, or love language. 

TikTok screenshot of a guy laying on a couch in a nice apartment.

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

In 1985, Kate Bush released her song ‘Running Up That Hill.’ While it was popular, the song wouldn’t reach its full potential for another 37 years. That’s when it was featured on Netflix’s Stranger Things, which paved the way for the tune to go viral on TikTok. 

TikTok is the place where music goes global, and its Gen-Z audience gave Bush’s song renewed attention. The tune climbed to number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and reportedly snagged Bush an extra $2.3 million. TikToks featuring the song use it in various ways, from creating Stranger Things fan edits, demonstrating new eyeliner looks, or even for funny videos

TikTok screenshot of stranger things.

“Tell Me Without Telling Me” 

The “Tell Me Without Telling Me” trend is when you’re challenged to describe something without outright saying its name. It’s like charades where players can only guess a word or phrase from synonyms or body language. But in this case, TikTokers are only using memes or videos to describe what they’re talking about. 

This trend became so popular it spawned sub-trends, such as the iconic “Tell Me What It’s Like to Date You Without Telling Me It’s Like to Date You” video. Other popular versions of the trend include “Tell Me You’re Canadian Without Telling Me You’re Canadian” and “Tell Me You Have ADHD Without Telling Me You Have ADHD.” 

TikTok screenshot of a guy doing the "tell me without telling me" tiktok trend.

That Was Too Good. Let's Get the Bill, Purr

Imagine you’ve met up with your best friend who you haven’t seen for quite some time. Over coffee (or matcha, if that’s your thing), you gossip about some juicy updates. This sound is for those moments when you’ve had a great—or even explicit—conversation and you’re ready to get the bill

The Door to the Microwave 

Once again, we can thank songwriter and comedian Bo Burnam for another infamous TikTok trend. In June, Burnam released  ‘Microwave Popcorn.’ The song was a hit, but there’s one section in particular that stood out. 

In the song, Burnam speaks to himself, describing how he puts popcorn in the microwave but gets nervous because “the other person” doesn’t understand what he’s doing: 

I put the packet on the glass (What glass?)

The little glass dish in the microwave (Got it)

I close the door (Which door?)

The door to the microwave! What is wrong with you?!

TikTok creators soon made the snippet go viral. They used this sound to depict that frustrating scenario where you’re trying to explain something to someone, but they’re not getting it — perhaps because they’re not paying attention. 

Turning My Mom Into Me

“Turning My Mom Into Me” is one of the latest TikTok trends you never knew you needed. This trend is all about kids dressing up their moms the way they dress — and this includes the crop-tops, pig tails, baggy pants, and Y2K sunglasses. 

In the videos, moms will first strut in wearing their usual outfit. In the next clip, they return decked-out in their daughter’s clothes to the sped up version of ‘I Wish’ by Skee-Lo

While it’s something right out of Freaky Friday, some of the transformations are astonishing (and prove how the right outfit can make someone look 25 years younger!). 

Okay, Perfect

This iconic trend comes from creator Ashley Elizabeth, who was placing her order at Starbucks and asked for a pumpkin loaf. When the barista told her they didn’t have any, Ashley sweetly replied, “Okay, perfect.” 

Ashley’s ironic response became a viral sensation, with many creators using the sound to depict a scenario in which they don’t get what they want. However, the trend goes both ways, and creators have also used the sound for times when things do go their way, for example, when you have “the best” horoscope or when you have a great product.  

You Are Like Papa

Once again, Netflix’s Stranger Things has streamlined its way into TikTok and ignited a new trend. In season two of the show, when young Eleven was being taken care of by Hopper, she broke his rules which led him to ground her (AKA taking away her precious Ego waffles). 

“You have got to understand that there are consequences to your actions,” says Hopper. “You are like Papa!” screams Eleven. The heated exchange exploded on TikTok, where creators use the viral sound to depict the all-too-common scenario when you’re annoyed at how your actions led you to your current situation. 

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The Future of The TikTok Trend

In 2022, we were treated to an array of incredible TikTok trends that provided us with countless memorable moments. From sounds, to music, to viral dances, and memes, the top trends had something for everyone. 

However, trends come and go at the speed of light, and it won't be long before the current TikTok trends are forgotten and replaced with a new generation of trends. 

While the platform is rapidly evolving, this doesn’t mean social media marketers should ignore current TikTok trends. Not only do you never know when a trend might be relevant again, but being up to date with them will help you become fluent in TikTok vocabulary — letting you stay connected with your audience. 

With the right knowledge, marketers will be able to leverage trends to reach their target audience, drive engagement, and maximize ROI. So, cheers to the next trends on the app. We can never guess what they might look like, but one thing is for sure — it’s guaranteed to make us laugh. 

Here's where you get the stuff we don't  put  on the blog. Learn how to craft an entire TikTok marketing strategy from scratch, plus get access to our proprietary data on the top 100 creators and brands on TikTok by industry— and a lot more.

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