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The Top Fitness Influencers on TikTok in 2023


TikTok is taking over the fitness industry one influencer at a time.

When was the last time you jumped on social media in search of some new gym routine or helpful health tip? Chances are it was pretty recent thanks to everyone’s favorite New Year Resolutions coming forward in January. If you’re like me, you’ll spend hours endlessly scrolling trying to determine if someone is qualified enough to give you health advice and fitness hacks, only to be left more lost. So to curb that plaguing problem, we dove into TikTok to find the best fitness influencer on the internet. Lucky for you, they're all on this list below, and ready to share their fitness knowledge with you.

The Top 20 TikTok Fitness Influencers You Should Follow

JPG Coaching

  1. Follower Count: 4 Million
  2. Niche: Fitness Coach & Bodybuilder
  3. What Makes Them Unique: JPG Coaching is an online coaching program founded by JP Gallardo, a fitness coach, and bodybuilder. JP got his start in fitness as a bodybuilder posting his workouts on Instagram. Quickly his audience began requesting full workouts and new training techniques, which propelled him to start his brand JPG Coaching. Whether it’s on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, you can follow JP and his training tactics move by move and try them for yourself. Those trying to find a new gym partner should strongly consider giving him a follow and watching his videos while they train.

Jen Selter

  1. Follower Count: 2.5 Million 
  2. Niche: Fitness & Lifestyle 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Jen Selter is a fitness and lifestyle influencer sharing her life as a full-time fitness creator on TikTok and Instagram. She flexes an impressive combined following of over 15 million people, all of which are deeply tuned into what she posts. Whether she’s showing off her healthy smoothie recipes or her on-the-go vacation workouts, she’s created a space for her audience to engage and become inspired to take on their own health challenges and overcome them. Brands for a fitness influencer who balances both educational content with entertainment should consider working with Jen to create some killer content. 

Demi Bagby

  1. Follower Count: 14 million 
  2. Niche: Fitness & Lifestyle 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Demi Bagby is by far the biggest name on this list. Known for her acrobatics and insane gymnastic abilities, Demi has created a niche all her own across TikTok and Instagram. One video she’s doing back handsprings and tucks on the Dallas Cowboy’s field, the next, she’s showing off her flexibility at the Venice beach public gym. Whether she’s promoting her new Bagby Bootcamp or simply sharing a little sneak peek into her life as a full-time fitness influencer, Demi is the prime example of constant virality in the fitness influencer space on TikTok.

Jesse James West 

  1. Follower Count: 926k 
  2. Niche: Fitness & Lifestyle 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Jesse James West is a fitness influencer and lifestyle creator that found his footing on YouTube back in 2018. From the beginning, Jesse has balanced fitness content with gym entertainment making his channels a perfect playground for teenage males eager to be part of the hyper-masculine gym bro culture that is widely popular across TikTok and Instagram. After moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles, he found connections in the fitness community with the likes of Bradley Martin, Larry Wheels, and Jay Cutler. Today, he shares his day-to-day life as a TikTok fitness influencer and collaborates with brands and other creators focused on the fitness niche.

Tiffany Croww

  1. Follower Count: 626k   
  2. Niche: Yoga 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Tiffany Croww is a yoga instructor and influencer encouraging women to embrace their bodies and stretch their minds with the help of yoga. Deeming her practices, “yoga for beautiful bellies”, she’s all about body positivity in the fitness industry and promotes it through her unique and easy-to-adopt yoga practices. Whether you’re a first-time yoga practitioner or a seasoned yogi, you’re going to find something that fits your needs on Tiffany’s TikTok page.

Willaim Li

  1. Follower Count: 3.9 Million 
  2. Niche: Fitness 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: William Li is a 22-year-old fitness influencer promoting the “shredded lifestyle” on TikTok. Known for his shirtless videos, William covers a variety of fitness topics on his account including protein snack hacks, 5-minute ab workouts, and creatine debunking. He’s also an ambassador for HTLT supplements sharing all the different products they offer to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to get shredded for the summer or want to add a new routine to your workout, William has what you need right on his TikTok feed.

Ben Patrick

  1. Follower Count: 800k
  2. Niche: Sports Trainer 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Ben Patrick, better known as KneesOverToesGuy, is one of the fastest-growing trainers on the internet. A veteran athlete who’s experienced multiple knee surgeries, Ben knew there was a better way to improve his knees. So he set out on a mission to learn everything he could about knee health and mobility. As a result, he’s helped thousands of elite athletes achieve better knees and improved their verticals. Ben has been featured on the Joe Rogan Podcast and other major publications showing off his incredible knee abilities and encouraging the everyday person to try his techniques which he shares on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 


  1. Follower Count: 333k 
  2. Niche: Yoga 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: TheDailyVictorian is a yoga influencer delivering a diverse range of yoga practices to her TikTok feed. Driven to help people find their center, she focuses most of her time on sharing techniques that improve balance and synchronization with the body. One of her major focuses is handstands and guiding her followers through the process of achieving them. Let’s just say, if you’ve been attempting handstands for a while and have yet to get it, chances are you’ll make it happen with the help of TheDailyVictorian.

Rebecca Louise 

  1. Follower Count: 511k 
  2. Niche: Health & Wellness Coach
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Rebecca Louise is a health and wellness coach dedicated to helping women overcome mindset obstacles and live in their best state of health. With over 500k followers on TikTok and Instagram, Rebecca gives expert guidance on different workouts, recipes, and lifestyle choices that inspire women to step into a new healthy life and embrace their unique body. If you’re looking for a quick workout, peep her profile and you’ll find tons!

Zach Rocheleau

  1. Follower Count: 708k 
  2. Niche: Fitness & Healthy Food
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Zach Rocheleau is a fitness influencer and health food creator. He’s the only fitness influencer on this list that we deemed deserving of a feature strictly because of food. Zach concocts delicious and healthy recipes on TikTok and shares them with his 700k followers. These are not your regular chicken and rice recipes. He loves to try new things like homemade strawberry protein pop tarts or cinnamon roll protein brownies. His channel, flexibledietinglifestyle, encourages people to step outside the normal conventions of healthy food and try new things that pay homage to the snacks we all love with a healthy twist.


  1. Follower Count: 324k 
  2. Niche: Running
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Hellah Sidibe, also known as HellahGood, is a runner dedicated to one thing and one thing only: running. The man is a living legend amongst aspiring runners and is most famously known for his run from Los Angeles to New York City in 84 days, back in 2021. He documents his daily running streak on TikTok—which has been going since May 15th, 2017–and shares tons of insights for new runners or seasoned athletes looking to learn more about running. Need advice for a new pair of running shoes? He’s got the answer. Looking for a pre-run warm-up? Peep his feed for a slew of helpful videos that get you ready to race. 

Emily Skye

  1. Follower Count: 30k
  2. Niche: Fitness & Lifestyle
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Emily Skye is a fitness influencer from Australia sharing her journey as a mother, health nut, and online creator. Emily is known for her adorable accent paired with tons of helpful health and lifestyle tips. As a fitness coach, Emily developed her personal training program, FIT, in 2014 and has worked with over 1 million clients online. On TikTok, she likes to give her audience a look at her life as a fitness influencer, coach, and mom of two, giving advice to women who are recovering from pregnancy and eager to get back on track. Definitely recommend following her if you find yourself looking for some healthy entertainment from an Aussie momma.


  1. Follower Count: 175k
  2. Niche:  Fitness & Bodybuilding
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Derek aka MorePlatesMoreDates is most famously known for his steroid bust on the Liver King back in 2022. But before Derek was going viral for knocking off a fellow fitness influencer, he was taking to YouTube and TikTok to discuss the science behind steroids and bodybuilding as well as other topics geared toward males like hair loss, libido, testosterone production, and fat loss. Derek spends his hours studying different men’s health issues and does an incredible job of simplifying and delivering them to an audience of over 1.7 million across TikTok and YouTube. For those out there curious about steroids and the impact they can have on your overall health, give Derek a follow and you’ll be sure to find some answers.

Haley Madigan Fitness

  1. Follower Count: 115k 
  2. Niche: Fitness 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Hayley Madigan is a fitness influencer and exercise scientist sharing her entire fitness journey on TikTok and Instagram. Hayley isn’t like many on this list, considering that she has a deep background in exercise science that informs everything she does in the gym. There’s no messing around on her TikTok feed, only hardcore workouts that build muscle and increase mobility—all in the span of 1-minute clips. If you’ve hit a physical plateau in your fitness journey, Haley is the perfect resource to help you get over the hump and back on track.

Justin Nault

  1. Follower Count: 172k 
  2. Niche: Health Coach
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Justin Nault is a health coach and fitness influencer helping people lose weight and feel great, without having to fork over the big bucks for a personal coach. Justin is all about understanding your unique body and metabolism, so he spends his time sharing insights and answering questions from his audience of over 172k followers. Whether it be regulating hormones, understanding whole food nutrition, or busting the stereotypical dietitian myths, his goal is to guide people to a better understanding of how their body works and how to optimize their health. His videos answer the hard-hitting questions many of us are hesitant to ask and eager to know. Highly recommended for all people looking to make a change in their health. 

KJ Weatherspoon

  1. Follower Count: 134k
  2. Niche: Fitness Coach
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Kj Weatherspoon is a fitness coach focused on helping people shred fat and gain muscle with simple tips. While there are tons of fitness coaches who try to balance educational content with entertainment, KJ opts for straight coaching. All of his content is specific to workouts and walks you through different body parts and techniques that you can use to get lean and pack on muscle. If you’re in the market for a personal trainer, but don’t want to pay the hefty price, start by following KJ’s TikTok.

Kayla Itsines

  1. Follower Count: 82k 
  2. Niche: Trainer & Fitness Coach 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Kayla Itsines is a trainer and fitness coach who founded the Sweat App. Kayla started her training career in 2008 and quickly developed a dedicated audience on Instagram. After building up that following, she launched the Sweat App in 2015—an app geared towards women who want simple and effective workouts delivered straight to their phones (also the #1 fitness app in the App Store in 2015). She’s hosted live events with 30k in-person attendees, had over 1.3 million program completions and built out a collective following of over 40 million across her personal and brand pages. Brands looking for a fitness entrepreneur to partner with should keep their eye on her as she’s producing viral content on TikTok regularly.


  1. Follower Count: 395k 
  2. Niche: Running 
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Coach Alysha, aka WhatRunsYou, is a running influencer covering all aspects of running on her TikTok page. Deemed the “running team for beginners” she helps people get into the practice of running with ease. As an avid racer of marathons and ultra-marathons, she knows a thing or two about training in tough conditions and guides her audience of over 395k through her process. She loves to inspire her followers with motivational videos that assist them to overcome the mental barriers that tend to plague race runners and newbies alike.

Vanja Moves

  1. Follower Count: 74k 
  2. Niche: Mobility & Strength
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Vanja Moves is a mobility and strength coach focused on handing out tips and tricks that keep the body in tune and moving well. Her entire TikTok and Instagram are both dedicated to promoting a new wave of mobility training that empowers long-term health and a wide range of movement. As many of us know, the more time we spend on the computer and sitting, the less mobile we become—Vanja Moves aims to change that by sharing simple videos that get you started on the path to better mobility. Trust me when I tell you, just 5 minutes of her stretching routines and you’ll be feeling great. 


  1. Follower Count: 85k 
  2. Niche: Bodybuilding
  3. What Makes Them Unique: Kat Poulopoulos is a bodybuilder sharing her personal fitness journey on TikTok. Kat is focused on one thing: getting shredded. Her content consists primarily of bodybuilding workouts and posture poses that show off her incredible physique. As a brand representative for the clothing brand, YoungLA, and supplement brand, Legion, Kat balances entertaining content with promotional content that highlights the products she uses in her everyday life. She’s a great potential partner for brands looking to develop a relationship with influencers in the female bodybuilding space.
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