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The Top 20 Fitness Brands on TikTok in 2023


What’s the best fitness brand on TikTok?

It’s a bit of a loaded question considering there are hundreds of fitness brands out there on the TikTok feed. 

Not to mention people are under the impression that anyone can start a fitness brand and create a TikTok account that goes viral overnight. 

We hate to break it to you, but that’s false.

However, there are a few fitness brands that have found ways to make it happen time and time again.

That’s why we took to the internet to find 20 fitness brands that prove TikTok virality doesn’t come overnight, but rather with thoughtful strategy and consistency.

Check them out!

20 Fitness Brands To Follow On TikTok


Follower Count: 4.5 Million

Niche: Fitness Apparel

What Makes Them Unique: Gymshark is a UK-based fitness apparel brand that’s been taking over the internet one influencer collaboration at a time. If you frequent the fitness space, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the iconic logo draped across fitness influencers in every niche and community. This is by no accident, as the global juggernaut was one of the first major fitness brands to leverage influencer marketing as their primary effort to draw in new customers. With over 4.5 million active followers on TikTok, it’s clear that Gymshark pulls some serious weight across all social media platforms. Whether it’s highlighting one of its 125 influencer’s lifestyles, throwing shade at “gym-bro” culture, or showing off the newest line of apparel, it’s a feed that keeps customers coming back every day.


Follower Count: 3.8 Million

Niche: Fitness Apparel

What Makes Them Unique: You can’t make a list of the best fitness brands on the planet without including the mega-star, Nike. For decades this fitness brand has been at the helm of product innovation and marketing genius. When it came time to jump on TikTok, Nike didn’t hesitate to go all out and win the following of 3.8 million active audience members. While most would assume Nike’s content consists of LeBron highlights and Serena Williams slams, they’ve done an impeccable job of integrating everyday fitness influencers into its ecosystem generating a deeper love and appreciation for the consumer.


Follower Count: 1.6 Million

Niche: Meditation & Wellness

What Makes Them Unique: Headspace is a meditation, mindfulness, and wellness app that helps people tune into their brains and better their mental health. Founded by Andy Puddicombe, the idea for Headspace came to him while studying to become a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas back in the mid-2000s. Fast forward to May 2012 and Headspace hit app stores across the internet and was an immediate hit. Since then, Headspace merged with the online mental health platform Ginger, to create a full-service mediation brand that serves millions of users every single day. One look at their TikTok and you’ll find tons of helpful mindfulness tips, meditation practices, and even daily reminders to simply smile a little more. 


Follower Count: 598k

Niche: Fitness Apparel

What Makes Them Unique: Lululemon is a fitness apparel brand dominating e-commerce and brick-and-mortar sales all over the world. The wildly-popular fitness brand founded by Vancouver-native, Chip Wilson in 2000, was created to blend yoga and design in a singular brand geared toward yogis. Little did Mr. Wilson know the exponential growth that would become of the brand when he started the brand ambassador program to promote his proprietary yoga pants. As word spread, so did the reputation of Lululemon as more than another fitness apparel company. Focused on community first, Lululemon has developed complete training programs, classes, and communities all under the mission to enable people to be more active. Combine that with a premium product that rarely gets discounted and you have yourself a fitness brand that makes waves across social media time and time again, thanks to the help of the millions who wear it.

Calm App

Follower Count: 317k

Niche: Meditation & Mindfulness

What Makes Them Unique: Calm App is a meditation and mindfulness app geared to guide users to a peaceful state of mind for rest and relaxation. The concept was created by entrepreneur, Michael Action Smith, who was becoming burnt out from his hustle to grow three different online businesses. Smith partnered with Alex Tew in 2012 to launch Calm, around the same time that Headspace had caught the attention of Silicon Valley. With the help of funding, Calm propelled itself to the No. 1 iPhone app of the year in 2017. Today, they continue to push new ways to improve mental fitness and share stories, simple practices, and daily prompts across TikTok.


Follower Count: 345k

Niche: Fitness Training  

What Makes Them Unique: Equinox is a luxury fitness brand based out of New York City. The idea for this luxury fitness club was developed by the Errico family who opened the doors to the first Equinox Gym in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The concept was quickly grabbed by big investors who bought out the brand with the goal of opening more gyms across the U.S. in major cities. From there, a majority buyout happened courtesy of the popular real estate investment group, The Related Group, who started buying up premium locations in high-end areas like Beverly Hills, SoHo, Grand Central, and Hudson Yards. While the price tag might be a little high for some, the brand has cemented itself as one of the most popular luxury gym experiences in the world and its TikTok feed doesn’t hesitate to back that up, showcasing its unique and often-touted “boujee” locations. 


Follower Count: 323k 

Niche: Fitness Apparel 

What Makes Them Unique: Alo is a fitness apparel brand focused on providing women with the best yoga gear inside and outside the gym. The motto is simple, “spread mindful movement, inspire wellness, and create community.” If you took one look at their Instagram or TikTok pages, you’d see millions of women commenting and engaging with the brand, hyping up the new products, and asking for health and wellness tips from the brand’s influencers. Speaking of influencers, ALO prides itself on creating content that highlights the diverse collection of influencers in its ecosystem. With celebrity names like Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Gigi Hadid backing up the budding brand it’s clear the opportunity for growth is enormous.


Follower Count: 184k

Niche: Fitness & Lifestyle Apparel 

What Makes Them Unique: Vouri clothing is a fitness and lifestyle brand making waves online with its diverse collection of fitness apparel that functions across workouts and grocery store runs alike. The brand was created by Joe Kudla with the goal of serving the male audience that was missed by Lululemon when it first launched. As an active person looking for a higher-quality apparel product than the market was offering at the time, he took to friends and family, raising over $2.5 million to launch the brand in 2017. From the jump, Vuori has been a customer-first brand, ensuring that every product is vetted by Vuori’s dedicated audience. Take a look at TikTok and Instagram and you’ll see why—they do a great job of finding the best influencers in their niche and arming them with elite gear they can’t help but brag about. Pair that with a collection of practical workout content and it’s no surprise the fitness brand has 700k combined followers across social media.

Men’s Health Magazine

Follower Count: 150k

Niche: Fitness Publication

What Makes Them Unique: Men’s Health Magazine is a fitness publication geared toward all things men’s health. From new workouts to lifestyle practices, nutrition plans to sex tips, Men’s Health Magazine has been a go-to fitness brand since 1986.  Men’s Health has always focused on innovation, becoming the first publication to offer fully interactive ads where users could take a picture of an ad and a promo was sent directly to their phone. This innovation touched other endeavors like developing over 40 mobile apps for iPhon and Android devices. With the dramatic rise of social media over the last decade, Men’s Health has continued to sit atop the fitness publication space with 35 different editions in 59 countries, not to mention they flex over 1.5 million followers across TikTok and Instagram where they share workout content and answer questions about men's health.


Follower Count: 131k 

Niche: Fitness Apparel 

What Makes Them Unique: Fabletics is a fitness apparel brand delivering athleisure clothing for any and all active people. Founded in 2013, the membership-based brand focuses heavily on arming its VIP members with special perks like discounts, unreleased products, and special launches. Fabletics' community-first approach has earned them a notable reputation amongst gym-goers, trainers, and athletes, thrusting the brand into the spotlight amongst other notable fitness brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Lululemon. Take a peek at their TikTok feed and you’ll see why people love Fabletics. Between their influencer-sponsored workout videos and unique collection drops, it’s hard not to want to jump into its online store and stock up on new gear.


Follower Count: 100k 

Niche: Training & Spinning

What Makes Them Unique: Peloton is a fitness brand dedicated to creating challenging and immersive workouts for everyday people with busy lives. The brand was started by John Foley, former president of e-commerce at Barnes & Noble, who scribbled the concept for the Peloton Bike on a business trip and tested it with his friends on a cruise ship. With the help of talented developers, the fitness brand launched the first prototype bike in 2013 and has never looked back. Dubbed the “Netflix of fitness”, Peloton has continued to raise brand awareness through social media, and with a big kick from the global pandemic, it saw a substantial jump in membership, from 1.4 to 3.1 million active users. Back that up with some notable Peloton coaches growing their personal brands, like Cody Rigsby, the fitness brand continues to make a large impact across social media.


RAW Gear

Follower Count: 100k 

Niche: Fitness Apparel

What Makes Them Unique: Raw Gear is a fitness apparel brand founded by fitness influencer Bradley Martyn. Before Raw became a reality, Bradley Martin was taking over social media with his insane lifting and gym videos that went viral almost daily. Whether he was squatting a full bar that swapped weights for women or running on a treadmill placed in the back of a pickup truck in the In-&-Out to-go line, the 33-year-old fitness influencer has established himself as one of the most popular buff men on the planet. When it came time to start his own brand, apparel only felt like a natural direction for him to go. From there, RAW Gear was launched in 2015 with the goal of giving people an athleisure brand that felt fit in every setting. With the help of Martyn’s massive following of over 7 million across TikTok and Instagram, RAW Gear has amassed a faithful group of young customers who eagerly await new drops and products.


Follower Count: 70k

Niche: Lifestyle Sports Nutrition

What Makes Them Unique: Ghost, also known as Ghost Lifestyle, is a fitness and lifestyle brand taking over gyms across the United States. The fitness brand was started by cereal enthusiasts, Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes, who were looking for a better-tasting supplement focused on serving all gym-goers, not just bodybuilders. Launched in 2016, the brand focuses on fun and it’s evident throughout its branding and social media. With colorful packaging and a bold-faced logo that can’t be missed, you can find Ghost supplements in nutrition stores and convenience shelves across the country. Not to mention the brand flaunts an impressive ambassador program consisting of prominent fitness influencers like Christian Guzman and Beth Carlino, who all promote its products across their social media pages. 

TRX Training

Follower Count: 34k

Niche: Fitness & Training Equipment

What Makes Them Unique: TRX Training is a fitness and training equipment brand created by Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. While on deployment as a Seal, Hetrick wanted to find ways to improve his climbing muscles with limited resources. So he took a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute harness and stitched them together to create the iconic Y-Strap that would become the foundation of TRX Training. When his patent product hit the fitness market in 2004, it immediately was beloved by trainers of all different disciplines. From there, the fitness brand has experienced massive success, developing a whole new approach and style of fitness training, creating a slew of different training programs, and constantly innovating on new training products. A look at TRX’s Instagram or TikTok will show you just how much people love this program and product. Thousands of fitness influencers and trainers use it every day and share their workouts for millions to see across all social media.


Follower Count: 34k

Niche: Boxing & Training Apparel

What Makes Them Unique: BoxRaw is a boxing and apparel brand focused on suiting up combat athletes with the best threads on the internet. Founded by Ben Armana in 2017, BOXRAW was developed from a desire to have a boxing apparel brand that could function as a lifestyle look both inside and outside the gym. Before the brand became a reality, Ben took to Instagram to build a following of his own and get a feel for what content was missing in the boxing space. After amassing a following of over 20k (which is now 300k), he then launched BOXRAW to the public and started selling online and partnered with notable boxers like Oleksandr Usyk, Gervonta Davis, Michael Conlan, and Vasiliy Lomachenko. As the brand continues to grow its reputation in boxing, major opportunities have presented themselves including a recent feature as the primary apparel brand for the blockbuster movie, Creed III.

BPN Supps

Follower Count: 22k

Niche: Health & Wellness Supplements

What Makes Them Unique: Bare Performance Nutrition is a health and wellness supplement brand founded by Nick Bare in 2012. The former U.S. Army Infantry Officer  and YouTuber was determined to follow his passion once out of active duty, so he took out a $20k loan from USAA to start Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) and started slinging supplements in his free time while still serving. After leaving service in 2017, Nick dove head first into the brand determined to turn it into an online presence where people could get educated on supplements and purchase the best of the best. Fast forward to 2023, and Bare Performance Nutrition is one of the most recognizable brands in the health and fitness supplement space. Much of that can be attributed to Nick’s personal YouTube following of over 903k as well as another 300k followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Athletic Greens

Follower Count: 16k

Niche: Health & Wellness Supplement

What Makes Them Unique: Athletic Greens is a health & wellness supplement brand widely known for its popular AG1 greens formula packed full of 75 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. If you follow fitness influencers on TikTok or Instagram, chances are some of them are ambassadors for Athletic Greens, flaunting how impactful the supplement has been on their lifestyle. As green supplements have become an emerging niche in the health and fitness industry, Athletic Greens has continued to sit atop the social media feed, working with fitness influencers of all sizes, promoting one simple product and that’s it. While many supplement brands try to be everything for everyone, Athletic Greens has found a way to stay grounded and focused on delivering a top-tier product to its audience of over 500k strong across TikTok and Instagram.

Crunch Fitness

Follower Count: 14k

Niche: Gym Franchise

What Makes Them Unique: Crunch Fitness is a gym franchise brand with over 400 locations scattered about the United States. Founded by Doug Levine in his Greenwich Village basement in 1989, the brand is focused on creating a gym space where all people feel welcome, and “gymtimidation” is a non-factor. When Crunch started franchising in 2010, Levine knew he was onto something big, little did he know it would be 1.5 million members big. The fitness club prides itself on a “no judgment” approach, offering up a diverse variety of training classes and programs as well as entertainment for its members. This entertainment is parlayed into their TikTok and Instagram content that is driven by a light-hearted and comedic approach. When the global pandemic hit in 2020, Crunch was one of the first brands to offer virtual coaching classes, leading to a spike in membership that has continued to compound over the last two years.


Follower Count: 13k

Niche: Training & Spinning

What Makes Them Unique: SoulCycle is a luxury fitness and spinning brand with a cult-like following. If you live in a major city, chances are you hear folks talk about the tribal experience of attending a SoulCycle class. The elite cycling brand was developed by three friends looking for a more luxurious workout experience in New York City. What started as a 33-bike class in a retired funeral home back in 2006 has expanded to over 99 different locations across the U.S. The brand is especially known for its class aura—coaches mounted on a stage in the middle of the room, grapefruit scents wafting through the air, and a competitive energy that is unmatched. Because of its notoriety and obsession by class goers, it’s no surprise that SoulCycle is popular on TikTok for sharing glimpses into the life of the brand and its marketing team personalities.

Oura Ring

Follower Count: 4500

Niche: Health & Wellness Tracking

What Makes Them Unique: Oura Ring is a health and wellness product that tracks your day-to-day activity as well as overall health and wellness. Similar to other fitness products like WHOOP, Fitbit, and Apple Watch, Oura Ring was created to help people keep tabs on their health without having to wear a full wristband. Founded by Petteri Lahtela, Kari Kivelä, and Markku Koskela in 2016, Oura Ring was the first of its kind to minimize personal health tracking technology into a ring that could deliver real-time data to its users. When COVID struck professional sports back in 2020, Oura Ring was picked up by organizations like NBA, WNBA, Nascar, UFC, Red Bull Racing, and Formula One. This catapulted the brand into the fitness zeitgeist giving it the credibility needed to grow its funding with a Series C of over $100 million. You can peep Oura Ring’s TikTok and Instagram where they’ve partnered with fitness influencers who use the product every single day and absolutely love it.

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