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12 TikTok Food Influencers That Every Foodie Should Follow


Are your taste buds tingling?

If you’re on TikTok you already know that food content is king of the feed. Everywhere you look food influencers are sharing their treasured tasty treats, fast food hacks, and homecooked recipes all with the hopes of stimulating the senses. 

And stimulation is exactly what happens.

Before you know it, you find yourself in the fast food drive-thru ordering your favorite food influencer’s meal, eager to get a taste of what they love.

Food influencers play a major role in the success of food brands across the internet and now more than ever, they can be the catalyst for growth and brand awareness. That being said, there are some food influencers who’ve made a name for themselves sharing content that gets your stomach growling. 

So we decided to find out who’s the best of the best in the food space so you can partner with an influencer who will take you to the top of the explore page. Here are 12 food influencers you need to follow right now. 

12 TikTok Food Influencers That Every Foodie Should Follow

@cookingwithlynja, a top TikTok food influencer.


Follower Count: 15.2 Million

Niche: Food Entertainment

What They Do Well: Lynn Yamada, known as @cookingwithlynja on TikTok is one of the biggest food influencers on the popular platform. What started as a way for the retired MIT to connect with her son and a few friends on the internet quickly turned into a million followers across YouTube and TikTok. Lynja is famous for her humorous approach to crafting all kinds of food from basic bacon, egg and cheese, to crazy-viral treats like fruit-roll-up wrapped ice cream. She does all of this with the help of her son, Tim. If there’s one thing to note about Lynja’s approach to food content it’s the simplicity. She says it herself, “the simpler, the better” and there’s no doubt this has worked for her over the last few years. 


Keith Lee, a top tiktok food influencer.

Keith Lee  

Follower Count: 11.3 Million

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: Keith Lee is a food review expert taking over TikTok with honest and humorous hot takes on all things food. The Las-Vegas based foodie started sharing food reviews on TikTok during 2021 and amassed a following of 1.5 million. He hit virality with his review of local food truck 303 In The Cut, which garnered over 33 million views. From there, his following skyrocketed to over 11 million in less than three months. But how does he do it? Keith is unabashedly honest about everything he tastes. If he likes it, you’re going to hear it. If he doesn’t, best believe you’re going to hear about that too. This unapologetic approach has earned him collaborations with Chipotle, Five Guys, and other major market food brands.


@keith_lee125 Wingstop 4/20 Hot Box taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic #wingstopad #wingstoppartner ♬ original sound - Keith Lee


Ramen King, a popular tiktok food influencer.

Ramen King

Follower Count: 10.1 Million

Niche: Ramen Hacks

What They Do Well: Ivan McCombs, aka ramenkingivan on TikTok, is a food influencer focused on one thing and one thing only: ramen. The man lives, breathes, and eats ramen every single day and shares it on his TikTok page with over 10 million followers. As a die-hard ramen fan, Ivan wanted to share the helpful hacks and tasty tricks he learned over the years perfecting the art of ramen making and today, dominates the feed with a slew of food reviews, ASMR snacking, and even the occasional fidgeting tool review. Where Ivan stands out amongst the other food influencers on this list is his unique ASMR approach that tingles the auditory senses of his followers. Instead of screaming into the mic like many food creators these days, he favors a quieter approach mixed with his signature mouth popping sound that has earned him the dedication of millions. Mix that in with his witty, comedic style and you’ve got yourself a wildly-viral food influencer. 


@ramenkingivan Replying to @magomed._.768 🗣️#RAMFAM i gotta say I do still make #ramen along other things! So lets dig into this #ASMR style ramen roght #heere #🥁🥁🍾 ♬ Game Over! - Harris Cole

Stefan Johnson, a top TikTok food influencer.

Stefan Johnson

Follower Count: 7.7 Million

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: Stefan Johnson is a professional voice actor that likes to call himself a food commenter and snack daddy. The Ohio-based foodie is known for his radio-ready voice and food reviews that will make your mouth water in every single video. Here’s the thing about Stefan, he gives it to you straight. You want to know what the latest fast food viral sensation tastes like? He’ll go right to the drive-thru and share every bite with you on TikTok, never holding back his true thoughts. As a voice actor, the food influencer has found a way to blend his comical attitude with reviews in a way that feels like he’s in your ear whispering sweet and hilarious sensations that make you want to take a bite of whatever he’s eating. Food brands take note, this guy might be the perfect candidate for your next big television commercial. 


Ashyizzle, a top TikTok food influencer


Follower Count: 5.6 Million

Niche: Food Reviews & Travel Blogger

What They Do Well: Ashley Li always wanted to be a Disney child star. After years in the industry she found footing on TikTok sharing her life’s mission to eat as many tasty treats the world has to offer. Ashley loves to pay homage to her Korean heritage by sharing unique and viral snacks that she seeks out in her travels all over the world. From desserts to entrees, food trucks to five star dining, this food influencer knows how to eat and she shares every bite with her 5 million followers on TikTok. Her simple and low production approach to sharing food content has helped her garner millions of views on videos and keeps her audience hooked no matter what it is she’s eating. 


@ashyizzle Still thinking about the mega McMuffin ✨ @mcdonalds #mukbang #mcdonalds ♬ Cupid (Twin Ver.) - FIFTY FIFTY

Max the meat guy, a tiktok food influencer.


Follower Count: 5.5 Million

Niche: TikTok Chef

What They Do Well: Max Greb, not grub, Greb, is the TikTok food influencer cooking up meats in fast food parking lots and sharing it all with his 5 million followers. Known for his unique content style, Max likes to challenge himself to make a better version of fast food classics, then shares them with random customers who give it a review right in the parking lot of the establishment. This strategy has proven to catapult his videos into virality leading to partnerships with food brands like Silver Fern and Beef & Lamb New Zealand. Not only does Max try to outdo famous food chains, he also takes on food challenges like dry aging meats in different liquids such as coffee, whiskey, and even popcorn butter. This combination of in-house cooking challenges blended with fast food comparisons is one that brands can learn from and leverage to create collaborative opportunities between brand and influencers.  


@maxthemeatguy 24 Hour Coffee Soaked Dry Aged Ribeye #dryaged ♬ Hokus Pokeus - HipHop Beats
HowKevEats, a top tiktok food influencer


Follower Count: 2.9 Million

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: If you’re on TikTok, chances are you’ve stumbled across @howkeveats. Kevin Noparvar is a LA-based food influencer known for trying everything from fast food hacks all the way to $100 lobster rolls all in the driver seat of his car. What started as a way for him to give hot takes on food quickly evolved into a following of over 2 million dedicated fans. His content is entertaining and digestible, encouraging followers to go to these hot spots and try it for themselves. As a result, Kev has also helped local LA businesses that are struggling get back on their feet and find new customers. He’s worked with over 20 different restaurants to revitalize their business and keep their doors open during the COVID19 pandemic and beyond, making him a great influencer for brands that want to grow communities and establish rapport with new and existing customers. 



KFC V. McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

♬ original sound - how.kev.eats
Alexis Frost, a top tiktok food influencer.

Alexis Frost 

Follower Count: 2.5 Million

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: Alexis Frost is a full-time food influencer who’s audience drives every decision behind her content. Alexis has focused on developing a community of foodies who comment on all of her posts suggesting their favorite foods and flavors from all kinds of restaurants ranging from fast food all the way to high-end eats. Alexis knows how to keep her audience engaged and does an incredible job of putting her followers first and letting them decide which piece of content comes next. In her series, “eating what employees eat” she takes their favorite orders and tries them herself. Whether it be a McDonald’s hack or trying what most would deem “strange food orders” she’s developed deep relationships with all over her 2 million followers, leading to brand partnerships with Chipotle and McDonalds. 


@alexis.frost Diablo mixed with sourcream 🏆 @alexis.frost <— orig vid. Suggested by @kyiachar #mrsfrost #tacobell #quesadilla #fastfood #foodie #foodtok ♬ mario sound - mandycap
Cugine, a top food influencer on TikTok


Follower Count: 2.4 Million

Niche: Food Reviews & Cooking

What They Do Well: Danny Mondello, known by his 2 million followers as Cugine, is a Staten-Island based food influencer who’s captivated the attention of TikTok with his food lifestyle centered around New York classics like the classic breakfast sandwich, bacon-egg-and-cheese. His content lies somewhere between food review and comedy blending the two into 30-second to 1-minute clips filled with laughs driven by his iconic New-York accent. His unfiltered, unapologetic approach gets users laughing all while craving the eats that he shares in his content. While his content might not be considered family friendly, he sure has found his footing in the TikTok food space with millennials and Gen Z  who all know him for his love of Diet Coke and famous slogan, “take care and brush your hair”. For those food brands out there who like to take the edgy route, Cugine is an influencer you need to keep on your radar. 


Elliott Norris, a food influencer on TikTok


Follower Count: 1.3 Million

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: Elliott Norris, more famously known as @callmebelly, is a TikTok food influencer that’s sharing his topless food lifestyle in a way that not many other influencers are doing right now. The foodie takes the lighthearted route sharing his personal journey with his body and embracing the belly he puts his favorite foods in. Whether he’s eating fast food or highlighting one of his trips to another country, chances are he’s doing it shirtless and showing people that it’s important to love yourself with every single bite. This unique style of comedy has earned him the respect and dedication of over 1 million faithful followers who like, comment, and engage with all of his content on a daily basis. If there’s one thing to note about Elliot and his style it’s the honesty that comes forth in every piece of content—he never holds back from talking about his personal journey and making others feel welcome on his feed. 


Dakota Wright, a food influencer on TikTok

Print Fairy 

Follower Count: 652k

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: Dakota Wright is a food influencer that’s making TikTok followers laugh with his hilarious and high-brow humor centered around food. He and his partner Jackson like to stop by their favorite establishments and share their favorite orders from top to bottom. Sometimes it’s the local Cracker Barrel, other times it’s CookOut, whatever the spot, is best believe you’re going to get a laugh out of their feisty and fierce reviews that keep over 650k TikTokers highly engaged. Their style is simple and straightforward, no high production or overdone edits, making it feel like you’re following along in their everyday lives and getting a taste of what they love. 


David Schratz, a TikTok food influencer


Follower Count: 603k

Niche: Food Reviews

What They Do Well: Kingschratz, aka David Schratz is not new to going viral. The bodybuilder turned food influencer was first made famous for his 1-meal a day approach where he fasted for over 14 hours, then loaded down on his favorite foods with no remorse. This would be a dozen cheeseburger sliders, mounds of pancakes, and even full tubs of ice cream. This everyday cheat meal master documented all of his eating endeavors on social media, garnering him a massive following of fitness and food fanatics alike. Today, Schratz continues to run his personal training business along with sharing his hot takes on all kinds of foods through TikTok where he tries everything from new fast food releases to foreign versions of famous brands like Lays, Oreos, and KitKats. It’s truly a sight to behold considering the food influencer forks down thousands of calories and still maintains a bodybuilder physique that resembles Schwarzenegger himself. Brands playing in the food space should keep an eye on him as he’s always looking for new treats to try and share with his 600k TikTok followers.


@kingschratz @buckeyebrownies April Lineup (CODE “KING” for 10% off) #foodtok #fyp #foodreview #foodie #buckeyebrownies ♬ original sound - King Schratz
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