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The Top Beauty Brands Taking Over TikTok in 2023


What is your favorite beauty product?

I won’t lie when I tell you I’ve been obsessed with Starface for the last 4 months.

There’s something about the tiny, bright-yellow box that captivates my attention and kicks my “I need this now” inhibition into full gear.

I think the obsession started when I stumbled upon their TikTok back in 2022 and was immediately hooked by their irreverent approach to ance. As someone who suffered at the hands of it, I relate deeply to the TikToks they post regularly.

This got me wondering:

What other beauty brands are killing it on TikTok? Surely there are more like Starface making a name for themselves on the viral platform.

So, I did some deep diving and found 20 beauty brands on TikTok that you need to follow today. 

Let’s talk about them.

20 TikTok Beauty Brands To Follow


Starface is a pimple patch company taking over TikTok one tiny yellow star at a time. 

What They Do Well: Starface is known for its bold canary yellow and they’ve done an impressive job of spreading it across TikTok with the help of their own product and some entertaining, light-hearted comedy. They own the vibrant yellow color and let the product act as the main character of their TikTok feed featuring it in tons of videos, acting as the user’s subconscious wrestling with all the problems that zits and acne present, making for a great scroll every time you show up on their page.  



Hers is a beauty and lifestyle brand focused on helping women live their healthiest lives with simple products that they need every single day. 

What They Do Well: Hers dabbles in all things health and beauty making them one of the major brands participating in the TikTok beauty boom. Because of their wide selection of products, they’ve found a way to partner with an equally wide range of beauty creators to promote their products and educate their community. And that is where Hers thrives on TikTok: answering the tough female questions that Google can’t because it’s simply software. 


The Ordinary 

The Ordinary is a beauty brand under the umbrella of DECIEM and focuses on creating functional skincare products with integrity.

What They Do Well: The Ordinary likes to call themselves the abnormal beauty company and their TikTok feed is a perfect example of that. One minute you’re getting a 30-second explanation of their latest peeling solution and its ingredients, the next you’re seeing the daily routine of the brand’s own social media team. This diverse well of content comes from a slew of creators, both influencers and in-house, that feature different genders, races, and skin tones, highlighting how The Ordinary products work for all people. This makes some seriously compelling entertaining and educational content.  


@theordinary all the details on our AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution 🩸 #ahabhapeelingsolution ♬ original sound - alex


HiSmile is a teeth whitening brand going wildly viral on TikTok and Instagram. 

What They Do Well: HiSmile set out to make teeth whitening easier than ever and as a result, took over TikTok in the process. With over 2 million followers, the brand finds new ways to go viral constantly. One day it’s a transformation video showing off their anti-yellow serum, the next, it’s a beauty influencer telling you about their new and improved white smile, all under the umbrella of the simple and cost-efficient products HiSmile makes. 


@hismile People are going CRAZY over this 2-minute teeth hack 🤯 #amazonfinds #lifehack ♬ original sound - hismile

Fenty Skin 

Fenty Skin is a skincare and lifestyle brand founded by musician Rihanna. 

What They Do Well: If you’re remotely interested in beauty brands, chances are you’ve heard of and seen Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. Founded in 2017, the brand has always been held in high regard due to its celebrity owner, but in recent years has found substantial footing on TikTok. Whether it’s partnering with a beauty influencer for a review, showing off detailed shots of their products, or highlighting BadGirlRiRi herself, Fenty is coming to the feed with something you’re going to love. 


@fentyskin Y’all heard @rihanna 🗣️, “Don’t be a crusty heaux” ✋🏾 Get yo lip game right this #SELFCARESUNDAY 💯 Get your pout game 🆙 at + @sephora boo! 📈 #fentyskin #plushpuddin #fentyskinlipmask #lipmask #lipcare #liproutine #cleanskincare #skintok #crueltyfree #fentylipmask ♬ original sound - FENTY SKIN

My RevAir 

My RevAir is the first and only reverse hair dryer designed to simplify hair curling while maintaining its health by eliminating high heat and tension. 

What They Do Well: My RevAir took over the beauty category of TikTok when creators started to catch wind of this revolutionary product that nobody had heard of before. Their reverse blow-drying technology intrigued beauticians and influencers alike to the point where hundreds of product reviews plastered the feed. As a result, My RevAir has continued to grow its audience by sharing helpful tutorials using its product and working with influencers to share curly hair content that brings people closer to the brand.  


@myrevair ❝Perfect for all my naturalistas and anyone who wants to keep their mane healthy!❞ 📹 @bk_smartz_ #myrevair #hair #washday #hairstyle #naturalista ♬ original sound - MyRevAir


BeardBrand is a men's hair care brand focused on helping men grow stunning facial hair and improve their overall hair health. 

What They Do Well: Let’s be real, there aren’t a lot of brands out there defining which people should have mustaches and which shouldn’t. BeardBrand is doing that and helping navigate the complicated waters of facial hair with beard trimming tutorials, styling tips, and bald hair hacks. Think of it like a well of beard knowledge ready to be plucked for eager beard growers and men’s style enthusiasts. 


@beardbrand A Little Bit Of Styling Can Go A Long Way @gregberzinsky @Courtney Ryan ♬ original sound - Beard Tutorials & Products

Kopari Beauty 

Kopari Beauty is a skincare and body care brand focused on developing healthier, consciously-made products using coconut derivatives. 

What They Do Well: The best word to describe Kopari’s TikTok feed is simply, “mood”. They don’t follow the traditional creator tutorials and reviews that most beauty brands do. Instead, they opt for up-close and personal videos of their products on skin dubbed with trending audio clips from meme culture. It’s like the ultimate Pinterest mood board filled with sounds and sights that inspire and entertain. 


@koparibeauty SURPRISE🎊 We’re throwing in a FREE fan fave Lip Glossy just in time for V-Day with a $50+ purchase on! 💋Hurry!! This offer is for a limited time only 🏃‍♀️#koparibeauty #koparilipglossy #lipgloss #freelipgloss #lipglossrecommendation #lipglossyouneed ♬ SCRUMDILLY YUM YUM - PINK SCARF BANDET 🦄💕

Virtue Labs

Virtue Labs is a hair care brand that prides itself on “good–for–you” products made with vegan protein. 

What They Do Well: Named one of the fastest-growing companies in 2022, Virtue Labs offers science-backed products that help promote hair growth. Their TikTok feed is filled with customer testimonials and creator spotlights all highlighting the benefits of Virtue Labs' secret recipe for healthier hair. Not to mention they’ve also partnered with movie icon, Jennifer Garner, on her own product collection, which she has reviewed in videos right on their TikTok. 


Pixi Beauty 

Pixi Beauty is a makeup and skin treatment brand known for the TikTok famous, “On The Glow” makeup collection featuring a push-up style, no brush application. 

What They Do Well: In an industry where innovation is praised and simplicity is hard to come by, Pixi Beauty does both. Their “On The Glow” collection speaks for itself in their TikTok content showing users how one product can revolutionize your beauty regime. Just pop over to their feed and you’ll find loads of videos featuring beauty influencers using their push-up bronzer in their cars and on the go. Not to mention they’ve also got product videos that show off the beautiful palettes you can choose from in their collections.


@pixibeauty Simplify your makeup routine with just a few swipes of colour! Our #OnTheGlow Blush in the shade Juicy is a Pixi Perfect Essential! 💚😍 #PixiBeauty #Makeup ♬ Daylight speed audio - 1D Audioz


Ulta is a mega-beauty store brand that carries all most major beauty products both online and in-store.

What They Do Well: Ulta is a big-time beauty brand with an established reputation, but when it jumped to TikTok in 2020, it opened its world up to influencers. As a result, they’ve created a beauty content ecosystem that shares tons of new products, trends, and ideas every single day. 


Pattern Beauty 

Pattern Beauty is a haircare brand helping people defeat the heat and embrace their curly hair. 

What They Do Well: If you have curly hair, you know how tough it can be to find products that work well with heat. That’s why Tracee Ellis Ross started Pattern: to give curly-haired cuties the tools needed to combat the heat and own their hair. And you get to see how it all works on TikTok. Whether it be a video from Tracee herself talking about her curly hair hacks or a beauty influencer showing off how to use their curling mousse, Pattern is giving out curly hair inspo left and right.  


@patternbeauty @Ton-Ton♥️ shows us how to apply rods for perfect curls. Have you tried this method before? #patternbeauty #curlyhair #pattern #naturalhairgang #curlmousse #teamnaturalhair ♬ Cloudy - Ponder &


Supergoop is a sunscreen brand that focuses on innovative skincare products that prevent skin cancer and promote skin well-being. 

What They Do Well: Supergoop. The name alone grabs your attention and gets you wondering if it’s really supposed to go on your face. This sunscreen brand is doing it differently than the rest by focusing on constantly improving its product and promoting the best practices to ward off skin cancer. One look at their TikTok feed and you’ll see why people love Supergoop. Between its entertaining memes, skincare routines, and unique product highlights, it’s a place where you can laugh and learn in every video. 


@supergoop We can confirm you look good using Glowscreen😌 #beauty #skincare #glowyskin #fyp ♬ original sound - ㅤ

Dr. Squatch 

Dr. Squatch is a men's soap and skincare brand shaking the stigma that men smell bad with their organic, all-natural soaps, deodorants, and lotions. 

What They Do Well: If you’ve never seen a Dr. Squatch commercial before, do yourself a favor and tap right here. Now take that exact same energy and put it into TikTok and you get one of the best men’s personal care brands on the internet. Between influencer-driven sketches, high-production commercials, and hilarious memes, they make for an entertaining follow that anyone can enjoy. 


@drsquatch Send this to the homies that don’t use Dr. Squatch 🤨😤 #drsquatch #comedy #meme #soap #menshealth #voice ♬ original sound - Dr. Squatch

La Roche-Posay 

La Roche-Posay is an international skincare company that’s been creating dermatologist-recommended beauty products since 1975. 

What They Do Well: As one of the older brands on this list, La Roche-Posay has held its place as one of the top beauty brands in the world for quite some time. When it came time to get on TikTok, they didn’t hesitate to jump in and get their hands dirty with beauty influencers and organic content. With over 100k followers, they like to hand out helpful skincare tips, debunk bad skincare routines, and partner with beauty influencers to highlight their iconic products. 


@larocheposay Bad skin tips are all over the Internet! Make sure you follow advices from reliable sources. Tell us in the comments about a tip you recently discovered and we'll tell you if it is a good one or not. We promise we won't judge 💙 #larocheposay #skintip #dermtip #skincare #fyp ♬ original sound - La Roche-Posay

Jones Road 

Jones Road is a makeup brand focused on crafting clean, natural products that eliminate the harmful products found in most beauty products. 

What They Do Well: Jones Road is not just for young TikTokers or teenage queens, it’s for everyone and they like to show it on their page. Whether you’re 17 or 70 you’re going to find content that teaches you about their products and how they work with your skin to create natural beauty, coming straight from the owner, Bobbi Brown. That’s one thing you’ll rarely see on a beauty brand TikTok account: the owner showing up regularly to talk about products and show you how they work. Well done Jones Road, well done. 


@jonesroadbeauty Everything you need to know about The Face Pencil from Bobbi Brown herself. #cleanbeautytok #matureskinmakeup #makeuptips ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Rare Beauty 

Rare Beauty is a makeup brand founded by actress and singer, Selena Gomez.  

What They Do Well: When Selena Gomez launched her own makeup company in 2020, she went straight to TikTok to share this new beauty brand that prioritized individuality over everything. This is emulated throughout their feed with beauty influencers from all kinds of backgrounds sharing entertaining and educational content that includes their diverse collection of products. While most celebrity-founded brands lean heavily on the celebrity for content, Rare Beauty went the opposite direction focusing on niche beauty influencers with powerful audiences to drive their growth and reputation, and it worked incredibly well.  


@rarebeauty Replying to @user12358635837 TEAM PEACE OR TEAM TRUTH????!! Sound off in the comments and vote in the poll 🫢 #rarebeauty #rarebeautyblush #rarebeautyblushset #miniblush #truth #peace #viralblush ♬ original sound - Rare Beauty

L’ange Hair 

L’ange Hair is a haircare brand empowering women to be creative and confident with their luscious locks. 

What They Do Well: L’ange was founded in 2017 by a mom struggling to manage her two daughter’s hair differences: one curly, one straight. So she set out and created her own hair care products that could serve both audiences. And that’s exactly what you’re going to find on their TikTok. There are tutorials on how to use their wildly-viral Le Volume and Le Vite products, quick curly hair hacks, morning hair routines using their best-selling products, and they even drop hints and special deals coming soon. If you’re in the market for styling tips, tricks, and tools, they’ve got you covered. 


Purely White Deluxe 

Purely White Delux is a 7-minute teeth-whitening kit designed to make teeth whitening easy

What They Do Well: Here’s the thing, we all want to have white teeth, right? But few of us have the time (and money) to spend on making it happen. Purely White Deluxe created their simple 7-minute teeth whitening kit that eliminates both of those problems. From there, they partnered with troves of beauty influencers across different sub niches catapulting their brand to one of the top searches for “teeth whitening” on TikTok.



Manscaped is a men’s grooming company helping men clean up their hair and look good top-to-bottom. 

What They Do Well: If you spend any time on the more masculine side of men’s beauty on TikTok, chances are you’ve run into Manscaped before. The name says all about what you need to know when venturing into their realm. Between the female hot takes on body hair, hysterical memes about trimming, and celebrity cameos with John Daly and his son, it’s a wild ride on the Manscaped TikTok feed.


@manscaped grip it & trim it ⛳️🏌️‍♂️ #johndaly #golf #manscaped ♬ original sound - MANSCAPED
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