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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2022 (According to TikTok)


'Tis the season for some shopping

Nearly 40% of Gen Z prefer searching for things on TikTok and Instagram over traditional search engines such as Google. This means that more people than ever are using TikTok for discovery—especially when it comes to shopping.

With this in mind, we decided to pull some data to create the ultimate 2022 gift guide according to TikTok. 

The initial list was built by consulting our team of social media experts. From there, we analyzed that list against TikTok hashtag views and then ranked the items accordingly—yielding the "ultimate 2022 holiday gift guide according to TikTok."

The Top Gifts

Topping our gift guide were Crocs at a total of a whopping 6 billion views, followed by another must-have item of the year: an air fryer at 5 billion views. Next up were Squishmallows at 4 billion views, then the Dyson Airwrap at 3 billion views, and finally claw clips landed at the fifth spot with 1.5 billion views.

Other notable items in the top ten include a gua sha, a ring light, charcuterie boards, an air tag, and fluent pet buttons - for the dog lover in your life.

Of the top 25 list, 13 items were in the beauty, skin, and hair care categories, three were clothing, three were food related, and five were technology products.

Jeremy Boudinet, our Sr. Director of Growth, had this to say about this whole list: “We've noticed a pattern of TikTok causing massive explosions of interest in a variety of items, especially in the beauty and fashion space (who hasn't.) For many, especially in Gen Z, TikTok is becoming the primary discovery channel when it comes to ecommerce consumer decisions. For a lot of these kids, Google search is dead. TikTok is king.”

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