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The Top 100 Christmas Movies, According to TikTok in 2022


This is the only movie list you’ll need this Christmas.

You may have heard us say this before - it’s a stat we are fond of throwing around:  nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers searching for things on TikTok and Instagram instead of Google or any other traditional search engine. This means that more people than ever are using TikTok for discovery—especially when it comes to the media they consume.

We find this stat inspiring. Compelling, even. So with this in mind, and with Christmas just around the corner, we decided that we would put our data analysis powers to use for the good of the people. And that’s what we did. Using data from TikTok, IMDB, and other sources, we have compiled  the ultimate list of the top 100 Christmas movies that everyone needs to watch. 

Specifically, we used IMDB ratings and TikTok hashtag views to compile this list of 100 titles. With everything from kid-friendly classics such as The Santa Clause to spine-chilling holiday-themed horrors such as Black Christmas, our hope is that that list can both remind you of some old favorites and help you find some new ones.

Topping the list was 2019’s Last Christmas, followed closely by Home Alone and Shazam! Also in the top five were Jack Frost, and Edward Scissorhands. 

Meanwhile, Die Hard landed in ninth place just ahead of Christmas rom-com classic Love Actually.So, to finally answer the age-old question: is Die Hard really a Christmas movie? We say “yes.”

Our Research Methodology: How We Did It

We analyzed the most popular Christmas movies from IMDB to calculate an overall score for each movie. Then we cross-referenced this list from IMDB with the opinions of our team of social experts and the number of hashtags on TikTok per title in order to calculate an overall score per film.

Jeremy Boudinet (our Sr. Director of Growth) said, “TikTok has a massive impact on the media people consume—especially when it comes to visual media. We’ve seen it over and over again: when something gets big on TikTok, it gets big everywhere.”

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