The Most Popular Bars & Restaurants of 2022, According to TikTok


According to Google, nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers searching for things on TikTok and Instagram. This means that more people than ever are using TikTok for discovery and purchasing decisions - from beauty products to bars and restaurants and everything in between.

Inspired by this, our team here at Ubiquitous (we're an influencer marketing company, by the way) decided to dig through the data to discover the top bars and restaurants around the world—according to TikTok users.

So here you have it: the top 100 bars and restaurants in the world, according to TikTok.

The Top 3

Topping the global list was Nusr-Et in London (home to the famous "Salt Bae") at a whopping 21.6 billion TikTok views, followed by Chula in Sydney, and finally another London destination, Luca, which closed out the top three at 11.5 billion views.

The Top Categories: Fine Dining & Italian

The research also revealed that TikTok’s favorite style of restaurant was fine dining (with 22% of videos falling under this category) followed by Italian at 14%. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a foodie-based trip, you may want to consider hitting up London, as over 17% of the most popular food videos were recorded in this location.

Our Methodology

To gather the data, we analyzed hundreds of the most popular videos on TikTok under restaurant-specific hashtags to compile a list of commonly suggested locations at the top of the application’s algorithm, then cross-referenced the list by searching the locations on TikTok to calculate their virality level on the platform. Finally, we also took into account the opinion of our team of social media experts and strategist to help calculate the "virality factor" of these hot spots.

The Global Top 100

Table showing the best restaurants on TikTok.

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The Top 25 in Ireland

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