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Where are Influencers Actually From? The Most Influential States


Where are all these influencers actually from?

If you know much about the world of influencers and influencer marketing, then you probably know about the connection between LA and the world of influencers. You might even be forgiven for thinking that the majority of influencers hail from California. And—you’d be right. But where else are influencers from, you might be wondering. We were curious too. So we went and found out.

We found the “most influential” states by looking at the birth states of over 200 of the top influencers in the space right now. And what we found was a little surprising.

The top 5 “most influential” states

Our research revealed that 31% of the most followed influencers throughout the US hailed from California—no big surprise there. Meanwhile, Florida and Texas came in the number two and three spots with 9% and 8% of the top 200, respectively.

The number four spot is where things got interesting (for us, at least)—the fourth most influential state was New Jersey(!) with 6% of the top 200, followed by Ohio with 5%, and then Arizona, Illinois, and New York in spots six, seven, and eight with 3% each.

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