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The Best Halloween Movies: According to TikTok


From TikTok to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Letterboxd - this is the only movie list you’ll need this Halloween.

Nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers searching for things on TikTok and Instagram instead of using "normal" search engines like Google. This means that more people than ever are using TikTok for discovery—especially when it comes to the media they consume.

Inspired by this, and the upcoming holiday, we decided to dig through some publicly available data to discover the ultimate list of the top 250 Halloween movies. And we even created a spooky bingo card to boot.

We took a deep dive into IMDB ratings, Rotten Tomatoes scores, Letterboxd rankings, box office gross, and TikTok hashtag views to compile this list of 250 titles. With everything from kid-friendly classics such as Hocus Pocus to the most disturbing of horror films like Rosemary’s Baby, this list gives you just the excuse you need to cuddle up on the couch with all the Halloween candy you can find.

Topping the overall list was Get Out with a score of 220.75, followed closely by IT at 207.96 and Coraline at 207.16. Also in the top five was cult-classic Beetlejuice at 200.36 points aong with one of TikTok’s favorites: American Psycho (we'll let you decide if American Psycho is a horror movie or not, but it's certainly no rom-com).

We analyzed the most popular Halloween movies from IMDB lists with over 100,000 votes to gather the data. Then we cross-referenced the list we got from IMDB with scores from other movie rating sites (like Rotten Tomatoes) and the number of mentions on TikTok per title (via hashtags) to calculate each films virality level on the platform.

You can take a look at the bingo card below or the the full list of 250 movies. Tick off movies as you watch them and, if you get a bingo, tag us on Twitter to tell us your favorite.

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