20 Food Brands to Watch on TikTok


Is your mouth watering?

Mine is because I just spent the last two days reading about the best food brands on TikTok. 

Now my entire feed is filled with them and I can’t stop thinking about what I am going to eat next.

Here’s the thing…It’s hard to win over the love and affection of food fanatics as there are thousands of brands out there that advertise themselves as the best-tasting, most creative, and funniest food on earth. 

That being said, there are some food brands out there who are winning on social media, specifically TikTok. And I thought what better way to end the debate than to dive in mouth-first and find out for myself, who truly dominates on the feed. 

Here are 20 TikTok Food Brands you need to follow right now.

20 Best Food Brands On TikTok


  • Follower Count: 3.3 Million
  • Niche: Fast Food 
  • What Makes Them Unique: The golden arches of McDonald’s have always been a food marketing trendsetter. From birth, the fast food brand has set the tone for all other brands and now they’re doing it on TikTok. Mcdonald’s uses a blend of different marketing strategies including celebrity signature meals—like the recent Cardi B & Offset Meal, influencer collaborations that share MacHacks and throwback product releases, as well as organic,  laughable content that makes light of their constantly broken ice cream machines. With 3.3 million TikTok followers, McDonald’s pumps out viral fast food time and time again.
  • Examples: 


Dunkin Donuts 

  • Follower Count: 3.1 Million
  • Niche: Coffee & Fast Food
  • What Makes Them Unique: Dunkin Donuts is known for its delicious delights and iconic coffee drinks, but more people need to know about its TikTok feed. Besides the fact they partnered with Ben Affleck and j-Lo back in February, the brand shares hilarious and relatable creator content focused on caffeinated confections and deviously good donuts. As we all know, coffee lovers crave holiday spices, so when the season comes rolling around best believe you’ll find comedic content centered on the newest drink and donut combo. Not to mention Dunkin’ has a rather robust influencer ecosystem that it leverages to share user generated content from a variety of food creators who all love the food brand. 
  • Examples: 

Taco Bell

  • Follower Count: 2.6 Million
  • Niche: Fast Food
  • What Makes Them Unique: Everyone loves a late-night trip to Taco Bell. Whether you’re a taco lover, burrito savant, or just a fiend for the Baja Blast, Taco Bell knows who its true fans are and serves it to them in both food and content. In case you haven’t checked out Taco Bell’s TikTok, here’s what you need to know: POV is winning on the feed. When I say POV, I’m talking about first-person views of what it’s like to work in one of its establishments. From how-to-make series on its most popular items to secret menu hacks, the fast food brand shares the inner workings of what comes to you through the drive-thru window. This ASMR-style approach paired with their influencer collaborations that highlight iconic menu items has garnered Taco Bell millions of views and a following of over 3 million.     
  • Examples: 


  • Follower Count: 2.1 Million 
  • Niche: Fast Casual
  • What They Do Well: Chipotle is known for revolutionizing fast casual Tex Mex food, but lately it’s been making a name for itself on TikTok. The food brand has amassed a following of over 2 million dedicated fans, many of which it partners with for creator collaborations. This new wave of influencer content is loaded with creative concepts like the signature influencer bowls, employee comedy sketches, and helpful food hacks that will take your standard Chipotle order to the next level. Combine these influencer efforts with a mixed blend of organic content like fun facts about the brand’s relationships with local farmers as well as new menu announcements, and it’s no surprise they get millions of views each time they post.  
  • Example: 


  • Follower Count: 1.7 Million 
  • Niche: Dessert Snack
  • What They Do Well: Oreo—milk’s favorite cookie—is quickly becoming one of TikTok’s most favorite food brands. The iconic dessert brand is making moves on the platform by sharing a slew of different cookie combinations that most Oreo lovers would never consider. From different desserts that use the classic cookie, to wild concepts like Oreo Mint ice cream rolled into a Fruit Roll-Up  The result has been an overwhelming reaction from fans who are jumping in and showing off all kinds of different ways they like to consume Oreos, garnering tons of user generated content that the brand reshares on its own channels. This use of UGC has helped gain the famous brand over 1.5 million followers and growing.
  • Examples:

Sour Patch Kids

  • Follower Count: 1.5 Million 
  • Niche: Candy
  • What They Do Well: Sour Patch Kids is the candy that starts sour and then turns sweet and best believe it’s doing the same on TikTok. The iconic candy is known for its comedic approach to marketing using the sneakily sour reputation for sketches and commercials that show two sides of the product. On TikTok, it’s adopted a real-life mascot in the form of a red sour patch. This mascot trolls TikTok looking to cause chaos and showcases it on the feed. Whether it be competing with other candies like Swedish Fish or slapping back in the comments from followers. This blended with other comedic sketches using real products the candy brand has built a following of over 1.5 million by keeping it simple and using hilarious moments to captivate audiences.
  • Examples: 


  • Follower Count: 1.3 Million
  • Niche: Fast Food
  • What They Do Well: Everyone knows about the red-headed girl by the name of Wendy who’s slinging mouth-watering Baconators and crispy chicken sandwiches across the country, but few are aware she has a TikTok following of 1.3 million. Wendy’s is most famously known for its clap-back mentality on Twitter, where it trolls a slew of fast food brands, and now it’s setting the tone on TikTok. Whether it be working with food influencers who review the newest product, like the Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich, fast food hacks like dipping your fries in one of its decadent Frostys, or collaborating with famous athletes like Reggie Miller, this redhead is showing other fast food brands what it means to stand out on the social feed.  
  • Examples: 


Burger King

  • Follower Count: 931k  
  • Niche: Fast Food
  • What They Do Well: Burger King took over the collective subconscious in the last year with its wildly viral Whopper theme song that’s probably ringing in your head right now. This theme song propelled the fast food brand into popularity and drew in thousands of new followers to its growing TikTok page. From there, Burger King banded together with a wide variety of influencers to promote upcoming meal releases, share hilarious creator clips featuring products like chicken fries and Whopper melts, and market a new line of BK-inspired merchandise known as WarmCore. This step outside the traditional food space and into apparel gave fans of the brand a chance to create their own content which has been shared by the Burger King page and racked up thousands of views. 
  • Examples: 



  • Follower Count: 827k
  • Niche: Milkshakes
  • What They Do Well: F’Real is a milkshake company making creamy, delicious drinks accessible in every gas station across America. The food brand takes a different approach than most, putting its machines in a variety of gas stations and storefronts where customers hand-pick a flavor, drop it into the machine, and in a matter of seconds, a fresh milkshake is ready for consumption. F’Real took to TikTok to share its innovative technology with consumers and has found a faithful following thanks to its simple approach of repurposing already viral clips and putting a spin on them. It comes in the form of cutting clips from a famous television series or using a viral sound byte that people know and love, all while driving viewers back to milkshakes.    
  • Examples:


  • Follower Count: 575k
  • Niche: Fast Food
  • What They Do Well: Subway, the legendary sub shop is taking over TikTok one signature sandwich at a time. The fast food brand is normally known for celebrity cameos but on TikTok, it’s using a combination of influencer content—where creators share their favorite orders, along with in-store experiences—what it’s like to work at a local subway, to deliver compelling content. These POV perspectives give viewers a first-hand look at the process of making sandwiches and help drive customers into its storefronts arming them with excitement to watch a sub-specialist work their magic. 
  • Examples:


  • Follower Count: 505k 
  • Niche: Chips & Snacks
  • What They Do Well: Most people know Doritos from their hysterical Superbowl commercials dating all the way back to the early 2000s. The iconic chip brand has taken that same approach to TikTok creating viral moments post after post. Doritos does this with the help of wildly creative food influencers who flaunt different Dorito hacks and creative concepts that would send snack lovers over the edge. Just one look at Dorito’s TikTok and you’ll see why people are obsessed with the brand. Its use of user-generated content encourages everyday customers to test out new snacking styles and hypes them up by sharing them on the brand pages. Not to mention, it recently partnered with platinum artist Jack Harlow in a “triangle series” focused entirely on the shape alone, which catapulted the brand across all social media and drew tons of attention back to its products.    
  • Examples:

Little Caesars

  • Follower Count: 486k
  • Niche: Pizza 
  • What They Do Well: Little Caesars is a Detroit-based pizza company known for its insanely popular Hot N’ Ready pies and Little Caesar mascot. This pizza brand has led the charge in the pizza industry as of late with a unique combination of products that range from the actual pizza to an exclusive merchandise line that includes clothes, accessories, and even jewelry. These products are shared with food and lifestyle influencers who put their own spin on comedic sketches, food reviews, and special product releases that are shared both on creator pages as well as the brand page. One thing that stands out when you peep the Little Caesar’s feed is its consistent 1 million view count. This can be attributed to their constant effort to share content that taps into cultural references that most TikTok users see on their feed already and makes it all their own injecting Little Caesars branding and voice. Just look at the examples below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  
  • Examples:

Ben and Jerrys

  • Follower Count: 351k 
  • Niche: Ice Cream
  • What They Do Well: Ben and Jerry’s is known for taking collaborations to the next level with their out-of-the-box flavors and different approach to branding. The ice cream company even has its own Nike shoe that sold out in a matter of minutes. Nonetheless, they’re using TikTok as a way to connect with ice cream lovers and share mouth-watering content that will make your sweet tooth sing. Whether it’s the launch of a new signature item like Cinnamon Churro and Doggie Desserts, or simply sharing an influencer’s favorite flavors combined into one milkshake, the brand prides itself on highlighting its distinct approach to creating products that get the audience excited. While Ben and Jerry’s content isn’t heavily driven by influencers, they leverage them when the time is right and it results in instant virality that brings millions of eyes to the brand.    
  • Examples:


  • Follower Count: 299k 
  • Niche: Snacks
  • What They Do Well: ‘90s kids will remember the days of opening your lunchbox and seeing the yellow packaging of Gushers—a glorious moment. This childhood snack loves to use nostalgia in everything it does across TikTok and Instagram and executes such in very creative ways. On one side is influencer marketing, where the brand partners with creatives in different disciplines and allows them to run wild with products resulting in eye-catching content from shoe influencer Jacques Slade and Xander from the Disney series Bunk’d. On the organic side, Gusher’s creative team plays off viral TikTok trends and follower comments to craft content that feeds its followers with relatable moments that we all experience eating the gooey snack. This dichotomy lends to its nostalgic tone while ushering in a new era of Gusher that attracts a younger audience to the feed.     
  • Examples:


  • Follower Count: 275k
  • Niche: Snacks
  • What They Do Well: NUGGS, also known as SIMULATE, is a plant-based food brand slinging chicken nuggets and tenders to snack freaks all over the United States. This newly developed food brand is known for its irreverent marketing style that would make CMOs jealous and other friendly plant-based brands look like baby food. This approach started on Instagram and quickly translated over to TikTok where it uses everyday news and viral concepts and contorts them to fit the NUGG messaging. This could be injecting itself into the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing (see below) or simply showing a day in the life of a social media manager who’s spending more time scrolling than creating. If there’s a brand on this list that wins on self-deprecating humor, NUGGS is number one.  
  • Examples:

Last Crumb

  • Follower Count: 207k
  • Niche: Cookies 
  • What They Do Well: Last Crumb is a luxury cookie company dominating social media right now. Launched in 2020, this boujee dessert brand made waves with its staggering $160 per dozen cookie collection that comes in a mega box designed to wow customers. Last Crumb’s marketing approach is simple: don’t sell, drop. This is similar to the Nike SNKRS model where you can only get special access to the product if you are on the email list and ready to purchase the day of. From there, the brand has targeted the best influencers on the planet and put its elite cookies into their hands, to do with them what they choose. This attitude has helped Last Crumb infiltrate all niches on TikTok including food, lifestyle, desserts, comedy, and even some celebrity endorsements. While the price tag is high, it’s clear that when you spend time on the product, the content that comes with it will yield a return. 
  • Example:


  • Follower Count: 162k 
  • Niche: Ice Cream
  • What They Do Well: If you’ve never heard of Jeni’s before, do yourself a favor and hop in the car, go to the grocery store, and stock up on at least three pints right now. This ice cream brand rivals the best of the best (including Ben and Jerry’s) with a wide variety of sensational flavors any ice cream fan will love. Jeni’s puts product first when it comes to TikTok featuring new flavor drops and behind-the-scenes looks at how these fantastic flavors are made. They recently dropped a new flavor in partnership with the award-winning series Ted Lasso. This mixed with some influencer content using viral sounds and music, Jeni’s has grown a dedicated following that translates into purchases in their own brick-and-mortar fronts as well as grocery stores. Just take one look at the TikTok feed and tell me you don’t want to dive in tongue first to their    
  • Examples:


  • Follower Count: 96k
  • Niche: Fast Food
  • What They Do Well: Remember when Popeyes shook the internet with its new chicken sandwich? All other fast-food brands were shaking in their boots as the name Popeyes echoed in the heads of millions who were eager to give it a try. Since that wave of virality, Popeyes has continued to stay relevant thanks to a variety of social media efforts across TikTok and Instagram. This includes using new product drops in tandem with food influencer collaborations to encourage customers to hit the drive-thru and try its latest items like the famous fish sandwich and blackened chicken sandwich. Everyone, or almost everyone, loves a good mukbang or in-car review and Popeyes delivers all of that right on its TikTok feed. 
  • Examples:

Moon Pie

  • Follower Count: 89k
  • Niche: Snacks
  • What They Do Well: Moon Pie has been around for decades but was losing popularity amongst snackers. So it set out to rebrand itself as the funny snack brand and passed the test with flying colors. The marshmallow-based snack jumped on TikTok and Instagram and followed the same style as Wendy’s using sarcasm and humor to entertain audiences and remind them that this 100-year-old snack is still relevant–and tasty too. If you hop over to the Moon Pie TikTok you’ll see a collection of comedic bits all featuring its staple product while injecting loads of laughter. This, combined with snack hacks like toasting your Moon Pie has encouraged customers to come back to this treat and take their taste buds back in time to the sweet days of childhood.   
  • Examples:

Magic Spoon

  • Follower Count: 16.7k
  • Niche: Cereal
  • What They Do Well: Magic Spoon calls itself the cereal for adults because it’s packed full of protein and fun flavors. This healthy cereal alternative prides itself on high protein, low sugar products that taste just like your favorite cereal from childhood without all the nasty preservatives and fake sugars. As a new competitor in the cereal space, Magic Spoon has found footing on TikTok and Instagram working with food influencers who review the products and compare them to their favorite pastime cereals. The brand also likes to dip its toes into the viral side of TikTok, borrowing trending topics and clips and putting its own style to them which drives viewers toward purchasing both online and in-store. 
  • Examples:

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