The Top 7 Rock Creators on TikTok in 2023


Who’s your favorite rock artist right now?

This is a pretty tough question considering one day you’re listening to classic ‘80s hair bands and the next, it’s emotional Nirvana ballads.

The rock industry is bountiful with different musicians and sounds, all of which have their own distinct audiences who worship that type of rock music. But if you’re like us and constantly crave new music from all over the genre, you might be wondering why it’s so hard to find new rock music. 

That is over thanks to the help of TikTok music creators. 

These are the die-hard rock fans that spend their hours listening to old classics and new era jams. They pride themselves on knowing who’s up next and who can help take a rock artist from a blip on Spotify to the top charts. 

So without further ado, here are the best rock music creators on TikTok right now. 

The Top 7 Rock Creators On TikTok

Top Rock Creators On TikTok

Pablo the Don, a rock influencer on TikTok talking about Relient K.


Pablo considers themselves a music and culture critic with an affinity for early 2000s rock music. As a mid-age millennial, Pablo loves to look back on the tunes that set the tone for rock in the mid-2000s thanks to tv shows like One Tree Hill and fashion trends like cut-up Diesel jeans. Balance that with their pulse on the current culture of music and you’ll find this channel to be the best place to find rock classics that you forgot about and new songs you’ve never heard before. Their series called, “why did this go so hard…” highlights some of TV and movies best songs that shaped the 2000’s rock era and often sheds light on the bands that many of us forgot about from back in the day, giving them new life on TikTok. 

Nicolas Nuvan, influencer known for interviewing people about music, on the streets talking about The Beatles.


Nicolas Nuvan loves interviewing people about music. So much so that he started his own TikTok page completely dedicated to asking people what songs they like to listen to. Whether he’s asking a musician at a festival, an everyday walker on the street, or a TikTok influencer, he likes to pose a prompt for folks that tee up different songs they enjoy. Sometimes it’s a “song that makes you go crazy” and others it’s a tune that “makes you cry” but more often than not, it will ring a bell and force you to check Spotify to find it. And with over 1 million followers if you’re a rock artist who happens to land on his feed, chances are you’re going to see an increase in listeners., a TikTok channel for punk and pop punk fans. is the ultimate TikTok channel for all punk music fans who still like to paint their nails, stick it to the man, and mix old school classics with new wave sounds. This channel created by a collection of punk music advocates has everything from retro footage of punk bands playing in the ‘90s, to rising punk stars that you need to know about. The best part is that they curate a slew of playlists that are shared on Spotify so that if you’re in the mood for any era of punk music, you can find it with their help. Not to mention it’s an archive full of iconic punk rock moments that you won’t find anywhere else on TikTok.  

Mostely, a TikTok influencer who is known for creating great TikTok playlists.


Mostely always wanted to make it in the music industry, but never did he think that curating TikTok playlists would be how he would do it. Deemed the genre-less music curator of TikTok, Mostly likes to cover a lot of different areas of music, from indie rock all the way to alternative hip-hop. But what he is best known for is his regular “new music Friday” series that highlights 10 different songs he found that particular week that his 230k+ followers will like. This series generates hundreds of thousands of views and consists of different artists across the rock and hip-hop genres giving promotion to a slew of newcomers in the space.

Unholy.alternative, a creator known for content that is about alternative rock music talking about hits from the 1990s.


Looking for an expert on all things alternative rock music? Look no further than Unholy Alternative’s TikTok channel. This rock music curator has the personality, fashion style, and hair to be the lead singer of a late ‘90s band that only plays their smash hits. His content is almost entirely focused on ‘80-2000’s alternative rock and reminds people of the days when heavy guitar riffs and angst were a part of the mainstream. Just take a look at one of his famous “how well do you know…” videos and see if you can guess all the songs from your favorite alternative band. Then you’ll see why his channel is so popular with male audiences that love the rock of the 2000s and come to TikTok looking for it. 

Melrose avenue, a TikTik creator known for creating pop punk related content, standing in his apartment.


Pop punk is making a comeback on TikTok and Melrose Avenue is helping lead the charge. This pop-punk TikTok creator not only looks the part with some awesome tattoos and piercings but he also has a definitive taste for pop-punk music that speaks to everyone’s inner emo kid. Melrose Avenue loves to do challenges like “try not to sing to these pop-punk songs…” and “you’re not punk unless you know these songs…” to test his audience and see if they still remember those classics that made emo music a scene back in the 2000s. Through all this content, he’s brought attention back to a growing genre that is budding with new artists and exposed it to an entirely new group of people on TikTok. 

Issy, a rock music curator, standing in her room surrounded by posters and artwork of rock music from the 1960s.


Do you like ‘60s/’70s/’80s rock? Then you’re going to be obsessed with Issy. She’s the lead singer of the band Barerra and one of the best rock music curators on all of TikTok. She looks like she’s straight out of 1975 and best believe her band sounds like a combination of White Stripes meets Janis Joplin with a hint of The Eagles and your dad’s favorite music from his teen years. What makes Issy great on TikTok is that she uses her overall style and aesthetic to bring people into her videos and once you click, you can’t help but nod your head in approval of the songs she shows. In doing so, she brings new life to old classics that we all love, while also putting her band in the spotlight to grow. 

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Here's where you get the stuff we don't  put  on the blog. Learn how to craft an entire TikTok marketing strategy from scratch, plus get access to our proprietary data on the top 100 creators and brands on TikTok by industry— and a lot more.

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