How to Find The Perfect Influencers for Your Brand


Raise your hand if you struggle with influencer marketing?

You wouldn’t be the first to raise your hand, and you’re most definitely not the last. 

Influencer marketing is everywhere in 2024. Brands are collaborating with TikTokers and Instagrammers to create campaigns that drive awareness, engagement, and most importantly, sales.

Chances are you and your team have been talking about working with influencers but something is standing in the way of execution.

As someone who’s had their hands deep in the influencer marketing space for the last few years, I know the struggle.

But I’m here to tell you there’s another way. A way that makes influencer marketing easy, effective, and most of all economical.

Let’s dive into it!

The Challenge Of Finding Influencers

Finding influencers is a challenge. With millions of social media users swarming TikTok’s Discover page and Instagram’s Explore feed, it’s hard to know who the right fit is for your marketing message. 

Brands that want to work with influencers are overwhelmed by options, leaving them stuck in a constant state of decision paralysis. Nano-influencer or mega-influencer? Niche creator or broad content maker? 6-figure cost or $600? All of these are questions that brands have to wrestle with when they dip their toes into influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is shifting right now. Brands can no longer DM a creator, write them a check, and go viral overnight anymore. Those days are behind us. Influencer marketing requires intentional strategy paired with deliberate communication and execution.

In a world where every single social media user is bombarded with influencer content, it’s hard to stand out if you don’t dedicate time and energy toward creating the right relationships with influencers. 

Here’s what makes influencer marketing a challenge for brands in this current creator economy.

1. Changing Algorithms 

Everyone knows TikTok and Instagram are constantly changing their algorithms. As a result, influencers experience moments of virality matched with periods of drought. This makes it challenging for brands who want to work with influencers because it’s difficult to identify influencers whose content consistently performs well despite the algorithm changes.

2. Absence of Authenticity

As influencer marketing evolves, authenticity becomes increasingly important for brands. Many struggle to find influencers whose content aligns with their brand values and resonates authentically with their target audience which sometimes results in poor content performance.

3.  Abundance of Talent

Back in the early days of social media influencers were a dime a dozen. Today, you can find influencers from every walk of life on every social platform. As a result, it’s hard for brands to find the right fit for their campaigns. This abundance of talent can overwhelm brands, making it tough to choose between one creator and another.

Finding influencers is no easy task. For many brands it requires hours of scrolling through TikTok and Instagram feeds, plugging creators into a spreadsheet, conducting outreach, and hoping that the right match comes along. The tough reality is that there’s no guarantee the content produced will actually drive results. It can be a massive marketing effort with an unclear ROI.

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Why Other Influencer Marketing Platforms Are Missing The Mark

Steep Rates

Hop on Google, search “influencer marketing software” and watch the flood of results that come forth. Dozens of platforms claim they have the “most innovative tools”,  “robust dashboards”, and “streamlined systems” that will take your brand to the next level.

While this is all good and well, the reality is that many of these platforms are asking for a serious investment from brands—I’m talking about $20k+ per month. Not to mention these platforms often lock you into an annual contract with no room to negotiate.

Unless you’re a behemoth brand with the budget of an affluent aristocrat, you’ll be forking over big checks without any guarantee that the platform will work for you. I’m not an investment guru, but I can tell you from experience that nothing is guaranteed in the influencer marketing space, especially results.

Extraneous Tools

The biggest problem brands face in the influencer marketing industry is choice. The options are endless when it comes to the software you use and the tools housed in that system. These tools range from creator marketplaces to product seeding, automated email outreach to audience analysis, and estimated performance metrics.

Altogether, it sounds like the perfect tool for a small to midsize brand, but the truth is that each one of those features is reflected in the price of the software. When it’s all said and done, you’re paying for tools that you may never use, especially if you’re simply testing the waters of influencer marketing.

Think about it like this…if you’re a new brand looking to try influencer marketing, what are the two biggest problems you face? Finding influencers and measuring success.

Why would you pay for additional tools like product seeding, automated emails, and a customizable workflow? All you need is a simple creator search tool that helps you identify potential influencers. No need for all additional fancy bells and whistles that never get touched!

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to create a tool that brands like yours can use to get ahead in the influencer marketing space, without breaking the bank to try it out. Allow me to explain. 

Finding The Right Influencers Is Easier Than You Think

We’ve spent the last three years helping brands create internet-shaking influencer marketing campaigns.

In that time, we developed a suite of proprietary tools to aid that process. These tools were exclusive to our agency services until now. We were tired of hearing horror stories from brands who got their budget butchered by other services and knew there had to be an easier, more cost-effective way to get in the game.

So we created the Ubiquitous Creator Search Tool.

The Creator Search Tool was developed to help marketers like you find the right influencer fit for all of your campaigns. No more scrolling, no more searching, and no more spreadsheets.

The Creator Search Tool allows you to filter through thousands of creators, and find the perfect match for your industry and audience, all on one page. 

Here’s how it works…

You simply register your name and email address to set up your free account. From there, you have access to our exclusive 800k creator Rolodex. This includes micro-influencers with a few thousand followers up to mega-influencers with 5 million+ followers—all of which have a proven track record of working with brands.

Inside the Creator Search Tool, you’ll see 7 filter fields that you can use to specify your search including social platform, country, followers, views, gender, age, and hashtags. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll see a collection of creators populate, giving you in-depth information about their follower count, average views, and typical engagement rate. It’s really that simple!

I know, it sounds too good to be true. But let me put some extra icing on the cake for you by explaining the three major benefits of this tool.

Why You Need The Creator Search Tool

Enhanced Efficiency 

The internet moves fast. As a brand that’s trying to leverage internet influencers, it requires a system that allows you to execute faster with the utmost precision. There’s no time for dilly-dallying on TikTok, trying to find creators, you need results and you need them now. The Creator Search Tool streamlines this process, saving time and effort for small to midsize brand teams like yours, allowing you to focus on the most important parts of your marketing strategy.

Targeted Reach

Anyone can pick a random TikTok influencer for a campaign, but what are the chances they align with your target audience? Unless you know for a fact that they’ve got the same audience, you might end up spending money only to find that their message doesn’t resonate with your people. The Creator Search Tool helps you find influencers who align with your target audience demographics up front. With enhanced filtering, you are instantly given influencers who fit your specific needs to a T, ensuring your effort reaches the right people.


Now comes the most common question we get from brands, “how much does this cost?” 

Brace yourself…it’s free! Yes, you’re reading that correctly, 100% FREE! 

We know starting influencer marketing is no easy task, so we made it simple and cost-friendly for you. No additional costs, no annual contracts, and no-nonsense features. 

This is the same tool that we use in-house with our big-name clients, now accessible to you, the aspiring brand ready to take over the internet. 

All I have is one question…

Are you ready to find your perfect influencer match?

If so, take 3 seconds to register your free account, dive into the Creator Search Tool, and start identifying influencers for your next TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube campaign. 

If you’re looking for some additional support on your campaigns, our Premium Plan grants you access to our expert marketing team, who’s on call, ready to lend a hand. Tap right here to get started

Here's where you get the stuff we don't  put  on the blog. Learn how to craft an entire TikTok marketing strategy from scratch, plus get access to our proprietary data on the top 100 creators and brands on TikTok by industry— and a lot more.

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