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The Top 7 Rap Creators on TikTok in 2023


Tired of hearing the same rap and hip-hop songs on your Spotify?

We were too. 

So we decided to take it into our own hands and uncover some new tunes that you wouldn’t find on Apple Music Top Songs or YouTube’s most popular selection.

This didn’t come easy, but with the help of the best rap creators on TikTok, we were able to find songs that even Snoop Dog himself would never hear. 

In the process, we also found 7 creators that have influence over the rap/hip-hop scene on TikTok and have helped new musicians not only find their footing, but also a top spot on the feed. Check them out.

Top Rap Creators On TikTok

Occupied Living, rap creator on TikTok.

Occupied Living

Ben, aka Occupied Living, is a fiend for new hip-hop music. Since the creation of his TikTok, his entire focus has been on sharing new hip-hop music that his followers love. Whether it be sharing a playlist of rising artists, doing one of his classic New Music Fridays, reviewing recently shared projects, or showcasing a set of underrated rap songs, Ben is the master of finding new tracks that will have any hip-hop lover scrolling through his feed for days and walk away with tons of new content. With 543k followers, he’s amassed a dedicated following of hip-hop fans who turn to him when they need something new to listen to. 

Gen, rap creator on TikTok.


If you like R&B then Gen is your guy. Gen is the result of many late nights spent listening to smooth R&B tunes that soothe the soul both spiritually and emotionally. What makes Gen’s content great is that he carefully curates a wide arrangement of R&B music. If you’re looking for an unknown artist to add to your daily listening or craving some non-English R&B he’s got you covered. And don’t think he’s missing out on the smash hits that have found the top of the TikTok feed like the recent Wakanda Forever single, Lift Me Up by Rihanna—Gen has over a million views on his video for it. 

Jabren, rap creator on TikTok.


Jabren sees music differently than most creators. When he hears and R&B or hip-hop song he doesn’t just hear the song, he hears the sample. As most hip-hop and R&B fans know, this genre of music is heavily influenced by sampling. This practice is common amongst MCs and a prime example of it in real-time comes from the Netflix Documentary “Yeezus” when Kanye brings in Jamie Fox to sing over “Slow Jamz”. Nonetheless, Jabren has a keen ear for these samples and can pick one out of a needle in a haystack. Then he uses his TikTok channel to break down all the different samples of the best R&B music and give his followers a deeper look and how their favorite song came to be. 

  • “Over” by Lucky Dave 
  • “Somewhere To Fly by Kid Cudi & Don Toliver

Anabelle Kline, rap creator on TikTok.

Annabelle Kline

Annabelle might be one of the best music curators on all of TikTok—it even says it in her bio. But what makes Annabelle a great curator is her diverse experience in the music space. As an artist herself, she’s deeply involved in the creative process of music-making, specifically hip-hop and how songs come to be. Her content is centered around the genre but shows a slew of different sides including what it's like to go to a famous hip-hop recording camp, meet artists at ComplexCon, and highlight recording studios that artists should check out in their town. Not to mention she’s constantly curating a list of her favorite recent rap releases and sharing them with her followers, which earned her a personal gift from Spotify Wrapped. 

Nagy, rap creator on TikTok.


Nagy is the hip-hop head serving up some of the most unique content on TikTok right now. As a fan of all things new school, he focuses entirely on sharing hip-hop content that promotes budding artists and showcases their artistic talent. Rather than being a curator of classics, he opts for a more creative approach breaking down different ways to listen to albums, picking his favorite tracks from award-winning hip-hop albums, and even ranking entire artist catalogs from best to worst. With over 300k followers, he’s bringing a new wave of hip-hop content to audiences who crave his take on music. 

Masked Mortal, rap creator on TikTok.

Masked Mortal

If you’re looking for the scoop on all things hip-hop the Masked Mortal needs to be your next follow. This mysterious creator has built an entire following in the hip-hop community without ever showing his face and has amassed over 3.9 million followers. What makes Masked Mortal an elite hip-hop creator is that he has the pulse on all things happening in the space. Something goes down at RollingLoud in LA? Masked Mortal is going to tell you about it. There’s a new song going dummy-viral on TikTok, he’s going to tell you how it happened. His dedication to the genre and creative approach to content crafting has put him at the helm of some of the most viral hip-hop songs this year. 

Syspence, rap creator on TikTok.


Syspence has the most aesthetically pleasing TikTok feed on the entire internet. There we said it. The hip-hop/R&B creator loves to design his own thumbnails highlighting the artists that he talks about in each of his videos. These videos are usually teeing up the newest song or collaboration between two artists, along with Syspence’s personal take on the tune. Where he stands alone is his consistency in finding new music. While most music curators opt for a mixture of old and new music, he exclusively focuses on new releases from both popular and upcoming artists like Yeat, Polo G, Xavier Wolf, and Freddie Dredd. 

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