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Influencer Marketing Goals: Setting Your Goals Just Got Easier


Your job just got 10x easier…

Maybe not quite 10x easier, but we definitely can help set a goal for that influencer marketing campaign that you've been tasked with putting on.

Chances are if your eyes are moving down this page, it’s because you’re interested in using influencer marketing in some form or fashion.

Maybe your brand could use some new faithful followers on social media.

Maybe you’ve got a new line of products coming out and want to give away some free samples.

Maybe your brand’s staple product is on sale and you want people to know about it.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, influencer marketing can make it happen. You just need to establish a clear goal to get you there.

That’s where this article can help.

Influencer marketing is our specialty here at Ubiquitous, and as such, we’ve found that most brands who are new to the space can benefit from setting one of these three influencer marketing goals.

So let’s talk about them.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand awareness is one of those buzzwords that perks up every marketing manager’s ear even if they don’t exactly know what it means. For the sake of clarity, let’s define what brand awareness is.

At a basic level, brand awareness describes how familiar consumers and people are with your brand.

It’s like when you see the golden arches of McDonald’s you know that it is indeed Mickey Ds. The same way when someone hears the phrase, “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” everyone and their mother knows that is Geico.

Brand awareness today goes beyond the boundaries of basic familiarity and creates a deeper connection with audiences and potential customers around the globe. Instead of being recognized for a name or slogan, brands can now own complete niches through brand awareness campaigns. 

Hell, one brand awareness campaign could change the trajectory of your brand forever.

What impact does influencer marketing have on brand awareness campaigns?

Everyone remembers Betty White in her famous Snickers commercial, right? (RIP a legend).

If not, let us remind you of this iconic moment:

This campaign first appeared in the 2010 Super Bowl and generated 400 million incremental and unpaid media impressions with a media value equal to $28.6 million. Not only did it make an immediate impact on brand awareness, but if you’ve followed Snicker’s catalog for the last decade, this statement and campaign style has become a marker of their core identity.

We get it, Snickers is a billion-dollar brand. You, on the other hand, have a budget to adhere to and a timeline to meet. So let us tell you why influencers are perfect for your next brand awareness campaign. 

Just like Snickers collaborating with Betty White to topple the Superbowl, you too can collaborate with influencers to take over your space on the internet. And the best part is you don’t have to pay the celebrity price tag to make it happen.

These days, influencers are tucked into every inch and corner of the web. They live, breathe, and sleep their niche, and as a brand looking to grow your reputation in a similar space, these are the gatekeepers to those communities.

By extending a collaborative hand to these influencers not only does your brand get introduced to a reputable individual, but also the thousands of people who trust them. From there it’s only a matter of time for your brand to spread to the masses. 

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Direct Response Campaign

The second influencer marketing goal that can help take your brand from unknown to renowned is a direct response goal.

Can you guess what the goal of a direct response campaign is? You got it, a response.

Whether it be signing up for a newsletter, following an Instagram page, or getting free merch with a giveaway contest, the idea is that a user immediately takes action upon coming into contact with whatever it is you are promoting.

The beauty of the direct response marketing campaign is that instead of trying to convert a user on the first interaction with your brand, you are using this as an opportunity to create rapport with them through the shared experience of taking action.

This takes the user one step further than a brand awareness campaign, but not as far as a sales campaign (which we’ll talk about next), opting for a middle ground of, “I’m invested, but not completely”

This often proves to be the most effective methodology for engaging audience members and converting them to customers over time.

What impact does influencer marketing have on direct response campaigns?

If your brand is looking to break into a new demographic or audience, going in blind and unknown can be a challenge. Who’s going to sign up for weekly emails from a brand they’ve never heard of before? Chances are not many.

Instead of hinging your results on the hope that users will find your direct response campaign compelling enough, guarantee that they will love it by partnering with a respected influencer in that niche.

An influencer has already established their reputation amongst these peers and is respected by them. If they come to their audience with a juicy opportunity to win some product, learn more, or get involved with the brand at a deeper level, chances are those people are going to not only listen but also respond.

And there’s some serious data to back this up.

Micro-influencers are a big deal. And they're only going to get bigger.

To see this in practice, look at this unique “Crack Open A Water” campaign from Liquid Death

They partnered with multiple influencers at different levels to deliver a direct response campaign that encouraged users to make their own videos opening a can of Liquid Death in the most extreme ways possible. The winners of this contest then received a lifetime supply of free concert tickets courtesy of Live Nation.

Just take a peek at the results…

We all know Liquid Death likes to take their marketing to the extreme, but they outdid themselves with this direct response influencer marketing campaign that drove millions of impressions. And it all started with a simple task—opening a can of water. 

Sales Enablement Campaign

The last influencer marketing goal we’re going to drop on you is sales enablement. While you might think you’ve got this one down already, there’s something you need to know first.

Gen Z hates being sold to.

You know what we’re talking about, right?

It’s almost like walking through a mall trying to avoid a bunch of cash-hungry kiosk managers begging for your attention with some age-reversing skin cream or overpriced iPhone case. 

It feels forced and fake. 

This traditional sales approach has evolved and brands are looking for ways to adapt to a new audience and customer base. That’s where influencers can come in and lead the charge on your next sales enablement campaign. 

Gen Z wants more than just a product—they want to buy from brands that speak their language, practice what they preach, and cultivate communities of like-minded individuals. Unlike the traditional sales approach of appealing to the masses, this group of buyers is looking for intimacy with the brands they support. 

Influencer marketing mends this gap perfectly. Influencers are the most respected individuals in their niche. They’ve put in the time, energy, and effort to earn their spot in the space and as such, when they talk, people listen. 

What impact does influencer marketing have on sales enablement campaigns?

Unlike the celebrity endorsements of the mid-2010s, like Pepsi’s botched commercial with Kendall Jenner, real influencer marketing (the kind that is authentic and well thought out) can bump sales and reach immediately.

Like this campaign from Krispy Kreme promoting their newest product, the Twix Donut.

Krispy Kreme is the staple donut chain with over 365 locations in the United States (that’s already a lot of reach). But when they wanted their new Twix Donut to be seen by even more baked good obsessors, they took to TikTok to find the right influencers for the job.

And they found the perfect fit with sweets enthusiast Nicole Axelrod.

Axelrod is known for flaunting quite-possibly the sweetest TikTok feed on the entire internet, including videos of her trying different cookies, baked goods, candy, and more. So you know when Krispy Kreme reached out to do a collaboration, the two distinct audiences from each group connected immediately.

This short, 60-second video made for Krispy Kreme generated over 27k views—5x the engagement of their own organic video just days earlier. And best believe if the audience loved that video, the sales of those Twix Donuts followed the same trajectory. 

What influencer marketing goal are you going to choose?


There are three different goals that you can set for your next influencer marketing campaign. Now stop waiting around for the right time to get started and begin today!

And if you’re feeling like this whole influencer marketing thing is still a little confusing, we know a thing or two about running successful influencer marketing campaigns

So much so that we actually have a group of 2,500 influencers that we work with to deploy influencer marketing campaigns at scale. If that got you excited, drop us a line right here, and let’s start talking about influencer marketing! Or, go read our post about how to create an influencer marketing strategy. Your choice.

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