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The 2023 TikTok Tourney

Your favorite TikToker creators, pitted against one another March-Madness style. Who are you voting for?

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Your Favorite Creators Are Going Head to Head.

We hand-picked the world’s top 64 TikTokers based on their infectious charisma, unmatched creativity, and editing chops. Now, they’re going against each other in a March Madness style tournament.

From the mega internet celebrity to the micro cat-fluencer, to the stand-up comedian to the gym aficionado, there’s a creator for everyone to get behind — and they’re all getting put to the test in a nail-biting matchup.

With 32 battles, each one is guaranteed to be wilder than the last. Will your favorite creator hold out until the end?

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The TikTok Tourney is now closed. We will announce the winner shortly...

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Ready. Set. Vote.

This isn’t your usual March Madness. Your votes will determine who you want to win — not who you think will win. This means the fate of these creators lies in your hands (no pressure).

Will you vote for the creator who helped you stack up credit card points and save cash? 💰The vegan chef who taught you how to whip up vegan cheeseburger tacos? 🌮Or the Excel wizard who taught you all about pivot tables and VSTACK? 📈

There will be 6 rounds over the course of 3 weeks where creators will battle one another to reach the next level — or be eliminated. In each round, ballots will be open for around 2-4 days before closing to tally votes, then re-opening a few days later to reveal a new set of matchups.

We’ll reveal the winner on April 5th.

Who Will You Crown Champion?

After three weeks of intense competition, only one creator will emerge victorious and be crowned the 2023 People’s Champion of TikTok.

What those creators do to get votes? Well, that’s up to them — but hey, there are no rules in this TikTok Tournament (you didn’t hear that from us).

Not only will the winner get bragging rights, but they’ll also receive a $500 Amazon Gift card,  Ubiquitous swag, and a feature on our website.

It’s time to back your favorites, cast your votes, and let the games begin.

May the odds be ever in your favor. ✌️

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Vote in the tournament. Then, share on social with the hashtag #TikTokTourney.

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1st round

March 14-17

2nd round

March 21-22

Sweet 16

March 24-26

Elite 8

March 28-29

Final 4

March 31-April 2


April 3


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Wait. How does this voting shebang work?

Glad you asked. It’s pretty simple. There will be six voting rounds over the next three weeks. To vote, you’ll fill out a Google form (but act fast — each round is only open for a few days or so!). The website will update each round to announce the latest victors.

Tell me more about the grand prizes.

Got you. The creator that wins all battles consecutively will earn a $500 Amazon gift card, an exclusive feature, and of course, and an official Ubiquitous plaque to solidify major bragging rights (valid until the 2024 TikTok Tournament).

So…can I vote more than once?

The Google form requires an email address to vote, meaning you can’t use the same email address twice. And if you create counterfeit email addresses to vote, well…that’s just plain weird.

P.S — We won’t use your email to spam you. Promise.

I’m a creator that’s in the tournament. Can I vote for myself?

You sure can. Just maybe don’t tell everyone. 😉