How AutoSky Amassed 21M+ Impressions in 2 Months


How AutoSky Tapped Influencers to Triple Campaign Results & Reached 21M+ Impressions with Ubiquitous

The First Thing Drivers Do Getting In Their Car

Before drivers put on their seatbelts or adjust the air conditioning, they do one essential task: plug in their phones. Smartphones have become the hub of in-car entertainment for millions of owners. 

For AutoSky, they have an innovative product to make Apple CarPlay better. Its wireless solution connects iPhones to a vehicle's CarPlay system, adding convenience and unique functionality. 

Most automotive accessory brands depend on traditional retail paths to market, but AutoSky chose to go direct to consumers (DTC).

The company needed a creative way to get its message in front of buyers. Rather than resist the e-commerce giant Amazon, they worked it into their marketing strategy.

Unlocking DTC Product Success

In late 2022, business development manager Jonathan Orozco was looking into a few different marketing strategies to make his product a success in 2023. He connected with Ubiquitous account executive Suzannah Lott to explore campaign ideas.

Given the uncertain economic climate, Orozco was interested but wanted to pause to explore his options. The company was familiar with using pay-per-click (PPC) and social ads as it was standard fare for DTC products.

Then one morning in early March, Ubiquitous' Lott got an email she didn't expect. "We're back on track with this and ready to move forward," the one-line email read. 

And from there, the project went from concept to live within two weeks — a remarkably fast timeline for the influencer marketing industry.

 "Whether clients go with Ubiquitous or not, brands discover that there's a lot that goes into an influencer marketing campaign," explained Lott. "It consists of personalized emails, follow-ups, negotiations, creative reviews, and much more. When they see this, it can be overwhelming, so they see the value of an influencer agency like us." 

AutoSky's Goals & Objectives

AutoSky wanted to build brand awareness and make inroads with automotive enthusiasts. Its audience needed to understand its exciting features and requirements — their vehicles must already have CarPlay. 

From a marketing and sales standpoint, here's what AutoSky had in mind:

  • Brand awareness: Brand visibility on TikTok, Instagram, and Amazon
  • Revenue: Increased sales of its product on Amazon
  • Intellectual property: Ownership of the creative assets for future use
  • Budget: Stay within the budget with consistent performance

Orozco wanted to work with a marketing agency that provides end-to-end campaign management. Orozco said that he needed a partner that could help him get real results on social networks. For Orozco, Ubiquitous instilled confidence it was a better investment of his marketing funds than sinking it into Meta ads alone.

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AutoSky's Influencer Marketing Gameplan

The influencer marketing campaign Ubiquitous tailored to AutoSky consisting of two sprints dubbed "waves." Creating TikTok-friendly campaigns that play into the algorithm to create viral awareness and growth was essential.

The strategy here is to use the first wave to produce and launch the campaign, learn lessons, and apply lessons learned to the second wave.

The first wave was expected to generate 3.8M impressions with its hand-picked TikTok influencers

⚠️ Spoiler alert: Ubiquitous blew that metric out of the water. 

In addition, the team complemented its influencer outreach with Spark Ads (paid media). The team provided the audience demographics that clicked through to the sales landing page. So there's a healthy feedback cycle from awareness, engagement, and sales tracking. 

Both campaigns carried out by Ubiquitous exceeded expectations due to their excellent influencer management and targeting capabilities.

Initial Influencer Campaign

The first wave included identifying the most promising creators in terms of reach, engagement, and budget. All the campaign elements were handled behind the scenes, such as creative briefs, follow-up, paid media setup, and managing the creative assets.

  • Collaborated with five influencers in the automotive and tech space
  • Generated 5.5M views from creators
  • Achieved a 9.3% engagement rate
  • Delivered retargeted TikTok Spark Ads to reach 350,000 engaged viewers

Second Influencer Campaign

Ubiquitous identified more brand influencers that fit the heuristics of the high performers in the first wave. Even with the same budget and one less creator, they smashed their goals for the campaign. 

  • Collaborated with four influencers in the automotive and tech space
  • Generated 15.4M views from creators
  • Achieved a 12% engagement rate
  • Delivered retargeted TikTok Spark Ads to reach 312,000 people

With both waves complete, let's look at the overall results.  

Overall Results and Campaign Insights

Influencer campaign performance

  • Less than $50,000 budget
  • 21 million impressions
  • 10.6% Engagement rate

Paid media performance (TikTok Spark Ads)

  • Less than $5,000 budget
  • 670,000+ unique audience reach
  • $3.40 average CPM

Campaign Insights

  • Identified a loyal audience at the intersection of automotive and Amazon product discovery. This helped the campaign resonate with AutoSky's innovative yet practical product to improve the viewer's lifestyle. This drove a ton of engagement, comments, and traffic to the wireless CarPlay adapter's product page and sales. 
  • Blended influencer outreach with paid boosts. Boosting select creator posts helped the campaign reach a massive audience in a way that outperformed typical ad formats. And the creators also benefited from a wider reach and engagement. 
  • Secured ownership rights to created content. In addition to the two waves to drive brand awareness and product sales, AutoSky was able to obtain IP to reuse most materials for sales and marketing purposes — such as YouTube or other video ads in the future. 

Proven Marketing Framework for AutoSky's Upcoming Products

No joke, influencer marketing is a high-stakes investment. 

A brand like AutoSky couldn't afford to work solo on finding and negotiating with influencers, fine-tuning the paid media support, or tracking all the engagements.

It's a lot for any small marketing team to handle, and that's only a tiny fraction of the logistics involved. 

But by partnering with Ubiquitous, Orozco has proven the marketing channel and wrote the script in their playbook for future product launches.  

Orozco was involved and aware of the milestones and challenges along the way. Unlike some agencies that lack transparency in the process, Ubiquitous provided a dedicated team of influencer marketing pros (no newbies) that kept him in the loop at every turn. 

Orozco told us that he loved getting updates on how our campaign was running. He said it I felt like riding shotgun as the experts helped it land with influencers he enjoys following. He also remarked that he liked how the team was receptive to his feedback throughout the campaign.

In addition to an impressive brand awareness and performance marketing campaign, AutoSky has built relationships with the creators, making future campaigns even more successful. 

With these two successful influencer marketing campaigns in the books, AutoSky is currently working with us on a third wave. AutoSky has additional products for Android smartphones, GPS tracking, and other automotive tech-cessories that will be seen on a TikTok or Instagram feed near you.

Want to be a DTC all-star like AutoSky?

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Here's where you get the stuff we don't  put  on the blog. Learn how to craft an entire TikTok marketing strategy from scratch, plus get access to our proprietary data on the top 100 creators and brands on TikTok by industry— and a lot more.

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