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Ubiquitous is an official influencer marketing partner of the NFL Alumni Media Network. That’s right. We're giving you access to the first media network fully built  around national, regional and local NFL Legends, all at your fingertips.

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Your Favorite NFL Alumni, Ready to Collaborate VIA Their own O.T.T. Media Network

Ubiquitous & NFL Alumni Media

The Best Sponsored Media

NFL Alumni are some of the best brand ambassadors and representatives on the planet. NFL Alumni Media is a network created by and for the Alumni, broadcasting their voices, interests, and corporate partner messages to millions of viewers around the world. The content is delivered in short form soundbites, long-form shows, in video, audio and via live streaming. Hundreds of Alumni working in their local markets and together on national campaigns. Partner with us to run world class influencer marketing campaigns integrated into popular NFL Alumni Media shows and podcasts, each one covering a unique topic and reaching a unique audience. From fatherhood, to business lessons, to grilling the perfect steak: NFL Alumni Media content has the perfect media partner for your brand.

The Perfect Partners

NFL Alumni Media is an OTT network that broadcasts live and recorded shows featuring NFL legends. Each show contains a unique theme centered around alumni passions as family men, businessmen, grillers, golfers, hobbyists, gamers, entertainment consumers, and larger than life personalities. Whether you're looking for product placement or sponsored ad reads, their shows can provide the perfect vehicle to showcase your brand to a unique, loyal, target audience.

Highly Engaged Audiences

NFL Alumni Media is ready to advertise your product on their podcasts and shows. NFL Alumni Media viewers love watching alumni perform on real-time, interactive live stream shows with high-quality video and audio, making their content the perfect place to feature your brand in front of loyal and engaged viewers. Plus, each show covers a unique topic tailor-made to the right brand partner.

Ready to step up your game?

Let’s make this happen. Just get in touch with us here at Ubiquitous and we will connect you with the right NFL alumni at NFL ALumni Media to crush all your influencer marketing goals.

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