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Ubiquitous' Influencer Marketing Platform helps you sift through creators of all sizes across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. And it's free.

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Discover influencers ready to bring your brand to the feed.

Identify influencers—from micro to macro—who will help grow your following, engagement, and conversions across all your social platforms.

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Search 15,000+ influencers

Dig into our established creator rolodex and identify the perfect influencer match for your campaign.

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Refine your creator search to find the right audience size, demographic, and engagement rates.

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Analyze a creator’s profile including followers, views, engagement rates, and sponsored posts.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Listen To Our People

“Finding new influencers is really time-consuming, and the fact that Ubiquitous was able to compile a huge list and land 84 of them was just awesome.”

- Jesse Seo, Influencer Marketing Associate at Casetify
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