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Creator FAQs

Are you a management company?

Ubiquitous is not a management company. We are an influencer marketing platform company with a focus on building tech that allows our brand partners to deploy money into influencer campaigns at scale. We work on a non-exclusive basis with the creators in our network–meaning you can work with managers, talent agencies, etc. Our goal is to bring you new, incremental revenue each month through brands that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with

What if I already have a manager?

That’s fine with us! We work on a non-exclusive basis with the creators in our network which allows you to work with whoever you want (managers, talent agents, etc.).

Will I have to sign anything to join your roster?

Simply fill out our onboarding form to join our roster! It’s that easy.

Will you be pitching me to brands?

Yes! Once you join our roster, our team will start pitching you to our hundreds of brand partners. If a brand approves you for their campaign, we’ll send you an offer. You ultimately have right of refusal for all campaigns (meaning you get to decide whether you want to partner with that brand or not).

How does the process work once I accept an offer?

Ultimately, we believe it’s important to give our creators a lot of freedom when it comes to the content they create. However, we’ll share a creative brief that provides an overview of the brand with prompts for the type of content we’re looking for. From there, it’s very collaborative. We’ll collect a written concept from you with a brief overview of what you’re planning to create. Then, we’ll provide feedback on your concept before asking for a draft video. We share draft videos with our brand partners and advise a maximum of two rounds of revisions for drafts. Once your content is approved and your video is live, we issue your payment!

How do I get paid?

Once you’ve completed your first campaign through Ubiquitous, we’ll collect a W9 from you for tax purposes (no action needed from you–we’ll send an email to collect the W9). Once we have your W9 in our database, you’ll get an email to set up direct deposits through Melio. Sound campaigns are on a net 2-3 day payment schedule. Brand campaigns are on a net 15 to net 30 day payment schedule. If you have any questions or concerns around payments, feel free to ask your recruiting or coordination contact.

What fees or costs are associated with Ubiquitous?

We collect a revenue share on all of the deals we offer you. However, there are no fees or costs directly charged to you. The rates we offer you represent your full take-home payment.

How many deals will I get a month? How can I get more brand deals?

The number of deals you get within a month is dependent on the genre of your content and your average accepted rate. We base our offers off of your median views over the last 9 videos rather than follower count or average views.

For example: let’s say you have 150k median views on your last 9 TikTok videos and the brand is looking for an $8 CPM (cost per thousand views). We would offer you $1,200 to participate in this campaign. If you accept that rate and the video gets 150k views, great! Our brand partners get the CPM they’re looking for and you get paid a fair and competitive rate. But, if you were to counter with $5,000 and the video still gets 150k views, then the brand is paying a $33 CPM. That’s less cost efficient for the brand and, because our platform takes historical data into account (through machine learning), you would be less likely to be added to future campaigns because it would appear like your videos are flopping relative to the target CPM. It might also hurt your chances to work with that brand again on a recurring basis (thus lowering your total brand deals per month).

But have no fear, we're here to guide you through the process. We know we’re throwing a lot of acronyms and marketing jargon at you right now, so if you have any questions or concerns about rates, let us know!

Are your rates negotiable? Why/why not?

Our rates are negotiable. You can counter any offers we send to you but ultimately it’s up to Ubiquitous/the brand if your counteroffer will fit within the campaign budget & CPM goal. For more information on rates, see the example under “How many deals will I get a month? How can I get more brand deals?”.